You Ain’t Kicking My A$*

Us Verses Lupus

Today is a good day I like to say. Any day I wake up and feel pain-free. Any day I wake up and I’m not still tired. Any day I want to go fix breakfast, wash and try to get outside is a good day. Some time they last for a few days and sometimes they are so far apart I slide into what I call lupus depression. So I have developed the following mantra for myself to  keep myself hopeful.

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3 thoughts on “You Ain’t Kicking My A$*

  1. I appreciate you coming by and commenting on my blog, Kim. And then came over to find your piece on lupus…so very sorry that you are dealing with this challenge but like that you have set forth your very positive mantra. I believe our bodies will react positively to these affirmations. You are not silent to me though…I hear you loud and clear. Take care.
    Gayle ~

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