The Performing Genius

Robin Williams

July 21, 2014 – August 11, 2014


What Dreams May Come
What Dreams May Come

I lost a friend I never embrace in my arms
yet he filled my heart with all his charms
I remember him in all the parts of my life
through the joys and through the strife
He made me laugh when I was down
he knew how to erase my frown
at Blockbuster I waited for you anxiously
for your new release to entertain my family
I remember with smiles and tears
even your thrillers evoked fears
your earthly presence was surely felt
through your work you made me melt
I will always be in awe of your talent
for you, no role seemed a challenge
never heard you were a complainer
that made you the greatest entertainer
thoughtful, special and humane
making us laugh while you were in pain
if you are now an angel up above
I pray you feel the world ‘s true love

©Kimberly Wilhelmina Floria 08/12/14



8 thoughts on “The Performing Genius

  1. A beautiful poem & nice tribute to a great person that touched many without personally knowing us. He will be missed. But – will surely live on through all the joy that he has left behind.

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