High on Dreams

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while sniffing universal dust
I became stimulated with fantasies
drifting on clouds of tranquility
and sipping rays of sunshine

sprinkling drops of glowing joy
soft rainbows for me to slide
my euphoric trip had me walking
barefoot in Egypt
and climbing pyramids
then soaking in the Nile

I took a ride
upon the back of a panther
through the Amazon jungle
then hitched a ride on a giant turtle
together we swam the Pacific ocean
to the Galapagos island
I played with pink iguanas
and flew with a blue web foot bird

I climbed the Redwoods of California
built pink sand castles in the Bahamas
I walked across the Dead Sea
to china to tickle pandas
in Australia I danced with kangaroos

sniffing universal dust elevated my world
and I became intoxicated with living
in this utopian world
where love and peace reign

Β©Kimberly Wilhelmina Floria 08/13/14

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