Lupus Research Update Volume 2, 2014 – Part 1 of 3

Us Verses Lupus

Please don’t forget I’m walking on October 18, 2014. to help fund lupus research Click here to donate please.

I’m not good at soliciting especially when our economy is so bad. A fellow blogger suggested I offer pictures of myself at the walk for donations. She suggested $25 but I’ll do it for $10 or more. Maybe you could buy me a virtual coffee by donating $1.50 or if you feel really generous a Starbucks for $5.00 will really hit the spot. If I had $.99 all I need is a penny to make a dollar. Every little helps. So will you go to my walk page here and give a little. It’s really easy, I donated $25 anonymously and Rosy from Sharing Me, Myself and I, bless her heart donated $25. Thanks for reading and your help to fight this vicious lupus.

If you can’t give will re-blog that…

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