Screw The Customer

Published August 16, 2014 by silentlyheardonce


If you’re not happy with W changes read this post.

Originally posted on Fish Of Gold:

The customer is not right. The customer is dumb. The customer doesn’t know what they want until we tell them. Their complaints are meaningless.

I am sick of this attitude to customer service.

Way back at the turn of the millennium, before the days of torrents and instant watch, I was a Netflix power user. I loved their service and would tell everyone I knew about it. I was personally responsible for at least three of my friends and two family members signing up. I didn’t get anything in return either. They gave me no referral discount or whatever. I did it because I believed in their product and thought they were great.

I spent about as much time on their site, writing reviews and making lists of movies as I now spend on WordPress. I was a top ten reviewer. At one point, I was on the five DVD…

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6 comments on “Screw The Customer

  • “Welcome to an easier way to create on!” Easier not. God I despise weasel words! At least we can revert, at least at present. Perhaps that option will disappear in the next “improvement” or “upgrade”.

    I have NO wish to end up in the Reader or go round the houses to even get to my site. thank you.

  • I had a read and commented thus:

    I came here via Kim (SilentlyHeardOnce)

    I agree. I did a post on the first day they created this, I was fuming with the change. Like you, I pay annually for the privilege of removing the wordpress word from the title. I have not gone for a premium theme as I have difficulty enough with the ones they do have.

    I have since learned though, that if you hover over “Fish of Gold” and it brings up the menu, go down and click “New” and it will bring up the real editor, not the damn R2D2 one. Alternatively, they have given a link at the top of the crap one. I just hope they get rid of it and maybe start listening to the people who pay their wages or they are going to start losing a hell of a lot of customers.

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