Published August 17, 2014 by silentlyheardonce
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a long leg spider creeps
along a wooden fence
next to a an ancient maple
in a whisper she crawls
under the glow of the moon
crickets rubbing their feet
surrounded by peace
dark in a corner
she spins her web
each silky thread a purpose
crafting a geometrical pattern
an intricate maze of
twist and turns
joining one line to the other
a fort against predators
whom lurk in the shadows near
securing her future
her center core

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ants carrying
here, there, everywhere
a hundred times its weight
toiling below
the fire of the sun
against blowing wind
sharing a community
each a purpose
each a job
together they survive
they carry their own
because he ain’t heavy
a vision that inspires
the reason to sustain
in earth’s eco system

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each day we build our future
reaching hearts, minds and souls
the writer in me
needs the musician
to play my inspiration
the patient needs the doctor
to heal the pain
the teacher needs the student
to inspire and teach
the mother needs the father,
so does the child
to make a family
we weave an intricate thread
we carry the weight of the world
no one is insignificant
each has a link to the other
a purpose
a responsibility
to life and it continuance

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repair the broken threads
use only what we need
honor the wonders of nature
protect our communities
explore the core of our being
build for our children
with a single thread
a purpose for living
survive in an unforgiving world


©Kimberly Wilhelmina Floria 8/17/14

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