Expiring Evolution

©Bruno 2001
©Bruno 2001

the sun rises
sparrows stir
flowers reach
morning dew dries
in earth’s waking breath

silent winds blow
sparrows take flight
great trees sway
sharing seeds
securing existence

raindrops trickle
sparrows huddle
green grass grows
fragrance fills the air
intoxicating bliss

in the glow of the moon
predators roam
for food and game
it’s the way
the way of the world

hearts fill with sorrow
cries of mourning
frustrating anger rises
destruction breeds regret
nature out of sync

senseless hurting
revenge killing
sweating blood
. . . and tears
tears that spills hope

is there justification
a rhyme, a reason
for chaos and confusion
pain and innocent deaths
a world void of peace

©Kimberly Wilhelmina Floria 8/21/14

18 thoughts on “Expiring Evolution

              1. I’m sure I’ve already written somewhere about humanity being a cancer or virus. Can’t find anything with WP searches, even Comments. Perhaps it as in one of *my* comments on someone else’s site.

                We could make an attempt at co-creation I suppose, although I’m quite happy for you to take it on as a solo project if you want. Do you have any plans/ideas/approach/format in mind? E-mail me.

              2. When I write I write and format as it come out. I’ll put something together and send it to you. I will be busy today and tomorrow but I will let it work through my head. Yes I think I remember you writing about the cancer of the world. Your thought on the auto immune attracted me for obvious reasons.

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