Joke of the Day

Yesterday I reached . . .followed-blog-1000-1x

I find this interesting since out of those numbers only a fourth of them actually visit and only a third of them actually read what I post. I mustn’t forget those who visit and like and don’t read.

I blog for people to read what I write. I’m not blogging for fame or popularity.Β  I blog because I love writing.Β  Honestly I rather have 50 friends following me that actually read what I post than the 1,000 who are just for show.Β  I know everyone won’t like everything I post and that’s okay at least you read it.

So for those who have followed, who read and comment loyally I Thank-You-Glitters-7

46 thoughts on “Joke of the Day

  1. Sadly, I think some people follow, just to get one to follow back. And if they do click on “like” occasionally, it’s because their own stats are sagging. I’ve had people like one of my lengthier posts a couple of seconds after I’ve published it!

    1. Exactly. This is why I call this 1,000 a joke. I stopped following back until they leave comments and we build some kind of relationship, friendly, professionally or mutual admiration. Glad I’m not alone in my thoughts. I read from my emails so it may take me all day but I try to read everyone at least a few times a week.

  2. Nice! Coincidentally I just hit 500 followers, so I’ve got a way to go to reach your 4 digits πŸ™‚ I think somewhere around 4% regularly pop around to see me.

  3. I am happy – actually more than happy – to be one in a thousand. πŸ™‚
    I’m with you on all the numbers thing. I’m at just over 700. I think I only see about 20-40 or 50 people depending on the post. It’s all good though. I love the peeps that come to visit & I do what I do because I enjoy it.
    Keep up your wonderful blog Kim.

      1. Nah – didn’t take it as a complaint – more like a wondering or observation. I wonder the same thing.
        9:40 – almost 10 – almost my bed-time LOL

  4. Well done Kim. I have just passed the 1,800 mark and I think that less than 150 actually my posts. Like you, I don’t do it for the fame. Well, I do a bit with the photos. Not so much the fame, I just LOVE sharing what I see through my eyes.

      1. I don’t know what mine is. Haven’t looked for ages … totters off for a quick look before bed … Yesterday (for me as it is 1am here) I had 174 views with 88 visitors. With my best day in the last 6 months being July 24th with 613 views but only 92 visitors. That’s about 19% of people who follow my blog. My biggest day for visitors was August 14th with 107 visitors.

  5. Ah, this is why I usually write just for me. I have a handful of people who comment so who knows how many actually read. I try and always read yours Kim. You are one of my favorites. πŸ™‚

    1. Thank you Jackie we have visited and read each other for a long time. I enjoy reading your writing too. I write do for myself. I’m not really complaining as much as I’m making an observation. In the past few months I have notice people follow me and I never see them again. This why I see having 1,000 followers is a joke to me. I am very happy with those who read and visit. I hope you and everyone understand I’m not having a immature, spoiled hissy fit. Just an observation.

      1. Oh no! I knew you were not complaining and only making an observation. I notice people follow me too and I never see them again. I will not follow someone just because they follow me now. Because they are just looking for numbers.
        And yes, we have read and visited each other a long time now. I hope it goes even longer.

  6. Those who don’t stop to read don’t know what they are missing. But maybe, if they follow you, even if they are not reading, something may catch their eye and capture their heart. Keep writing beautiful poems and the wonderful accidental encounters will eventually happen.

      1. Here’s a double thank you. Those of us who try to write humor live for a laugh or a smile that we created, and we rarely ever get to see or here the result.

  7. Kimmy, my sentiments exactly. I hate to say this but I have found it expedient to comment on blogs who comment on mine and then well to like all those who like my posts. It’s now a matter of tit for tat though with a few like yours, I will always take that extra time to comment and like and even kiss the blogs whether they comment on mine or not πŸ™‚

  8. LOL SHO, you’ve stolen my husband’s heart. He’s a poet & he writes daily.

    He reads your poems, but does not comment on the internet.

    Please don’t ever stop writing. It’s clear to see that it is your LIFELINE.

    1. Thanks Amieta. I know there are few readers who don’t make their presence known by my stats. That makes it about 10% that visit and that 10% are some of my family and friends. πŸ™‚ Thank your husband and I hope to one day get to read some of his work.

  9. You are absolutely right…quality beats quantity ANY day…great to see you truly have a passion for writing! Bless you!

      1. Exactly! And of course, you can tell! So keep doing you… I have enjoyed what I have read so far & hope to be graced with many more of your writings!

          1. Awww bless u! I’m new to this blogging thing, but I have fallen in Love with it…I love reading different writing styles,quirky personal stories, lyrical poems, & n deep analytical pieces that make me stop n think…I probably read more than I post…but thanks for taking the time to read…I know many don’t so I am grateful.. 😊

              1. Wow…that’s great..but you know when the “writing flow” starts, you have to spill it out..then you go through the drought and NOTHING is flowing, then you get it back! I go in cycles…for now I’m enjoying you guys!

  10. It is discouraging when you write and the ‘likes’ come almost instantly after you post, I am sorry that you are findng others don’t read yours , as I personally believe you are a talented author and well worth the read. One of the reasons I quit publishing what I write,was the no response or the quick ‘likes’ , . for my writing is for and from my heart. this has freed me in some strange way, I guess I finally realized others opinions don’t matter that much.

  11. Following, commenting, liking, sharing, rebloging, it’s all part of the WP world…I do congratulate you for the ##’s, but commiserate about the feeling of sincerity. I often feel the same way.

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