Martha Verses Lupus

Us Verses Lupus

Mrs. Martha Anthoanette Grace is 47years old woman who has lived with lupus since 2001. She is originally from Africa but now lives in the United Kingdom with her husband. She is a mother of four children with grandchildren.

Martha and her grandson Terrell Martha and her grandson Terrell

Before lupus Martha was a very able married and working mother. She was happy, healthy, energetic and charismatic. She loves to dance, going out with family and friends and traveling. She was and still is very spiritual and romantic.
Lupus is affecting all her joints her knees, eyes, skin and bones.

Martha says, “Lupus is so horrible that we need each other’s support in this battle. I am a psychotherapists and I’m always ready to help my fellow ‘lupies’ and their families. Just a few weeks ago I was discharged from hospital and diagnosed with Pulmonary Embolism. I was devastated but I give God the glory…

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