Acknowledging My Blogging Friends

Thank you WP

As some of you may already know I don’t re-blog often. There are times I do share things that I’m feeling but those times are very rare. I don’t accept awards anymore because of the time they demand. I have a lot on my to do list that needs attention.
However both of these practices are ways of letting those, whom we follow, read and enjoy, know how valuable they are to us. I’m starting this weekly post. I guess it will be on Tuesdays since it’s that’s what today is. To share what I would re-blog if I re-blogged.
It was when I read Neighbours by Scattered Words that I decide to create this post to share the things I found interesting on WP.  Neighbours is an engaging story about a war that is going on now. I won’t reveal it as it’s written in metaphors. I’m sure the writers in you all will like his writing and creativity.
So today I’m giving birth to Acknowledging My Blogging Friends
I’ll start out sharing the blogs I follow and enjoy. Later after I acknowledge my loyal readers I will begin sharing different post I find inspiring. I will limit it to only five a week. For my first week these are some of my loyal readers who have become dearest friends from afar.
Ben Naga  shares many insightful posts that will definitely cause one to ponder. Please visit and see what he has to say. Also check out The Book of Guff  You can’t go wrong following this wise man.
Rosy  of  Sharing Me, Myself and I  is sweeter than sugar. She shares her life, family, her wit and poetry. If you’re not following her . . . what are you waiting for? You’re missing smiles in your life find them here.
Al of A Mixed Bag  the guy that does it all. He writes short stories including his own weekly Photo Fiction Challenge. Speaking of photos he takes amazing photos too of birds, clouds, flowers and more. He also shares inspirational quotes. He’s a great guy too.


3ChicsPolitico These ladies keeps us up to date on all the going ons in the America and what’s happening abroad that impacts us here in the States. They host a thread to share information and feedback. So go and get you get your current events updated.
Read Between the Minds  is a new friend but he is finding a cozy spot in my heart. He writes poetry I would write. If you really like what I write you’ll love this blog.
If I didn’t feature your blog this week come back next week and see if I include you then.
Thanks for reading this and all my writing.

27 thoughts on “Acknowledging My Blogging Friends

  1. I so understand the issue of Awards, and the time they take…. thank you for sharing some of your favourite blogs, I know of Ben’s I will enjoy visiting new sites.. Wishing you a beautiful day

  2. Love your Thank You image, Kim, very pretty… 😉
    What a great thing to do. Good for you, Kim.
    I was a bit hesitant to comment ’cause I haven’t been blogging much at all lately. Though needed to say it’s a great idea… 😀

  3. Thank you so so much for including me in this, I am honoured. I want to thank you as well, for always visiting my blog. I appreciate it.

    Keep up the good work Kim, and thank you.

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