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Us Verses Lupus

Dumping water on



I’ve been neglecting Us Verses Lupus

I’ve been soliciting for donations for the October 18th Walk with the Lupus Research Institute. I received one donation from my dear friend Rosy and the anonymous donor is me. That gives me a total of $50 in donations. My pledge is $150. I’m not good at asking for money never have been so why did I take on this endeavor? Beats the hell out of me. But seriously I took this challenge in memory of my mother, for my personal battle and with the hope that my children and grandchildren will never have to know what lupus is through their own battle against the wolf. But now I need to do something to meet my quota.

I thought about this for a few days and decided I’ll do it. Everyone has been participating in the ASL Challenge. You know dumping…

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8 thoughts on “I challenge you

  1. As my daughter “wimped out” of her ice bucket challenge, and will be paying extra, I will see if she wants to make part of the donation to the Lupus Research Institute as she knows someone with it, and I know three (including yourself)

    1. Thanks Al every bit helps. Years ago before lupus I gave a bar-b-que I spent the night before preparing the the whole day grilling. When I finally finished they thought it was funny to pour the cooler over my head. It was a hot day and I was exhausted so it cooled me off and woke me up.

              1. Yeah, my daughter recorded it this year – or part of it anyway. She’s decided we are going to move to America and she is going to marry a quarterback

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