Acknowledging My Blogging Friends

Thank you WP
As some of you may already know I don’t re-blog often. There are times I do share things that I’m feeling but those times are very rare. I don’t accept awards anymore because of the time they demand. I have a lot on my to do list that needs attention.
However both of these practices are ways of letting those, whom we follow, read and enjoy, know how valuable they are to us. I’m starting this weekly post. I guess it will be on Tuesdays since it’s that’s what today is. To share what I would re-blog if I re-blogged.

My feature blog this week is The Bardo News   They got some going on’s over there that you might be interested in.  Fighting peacefully for change to protect and save our planet. It too much to explain so be sure to go check them out. It will be an amazing event around the world.



This week I’m acknowledging some of my published friends



Emily Emily Guido is Author of “The Light-Bearer Series” Her books suck you in and keep you going. They’re about Immortals that are loving and caring. I am patiently waiting for her fourth novel to be released.

You can find her books on Amazon at the following links
Charmeine: Light-Bearer Series (Volume 1)
Mactus (Light-Bearer Series Book 2)
Accendo (Light-Bearer Series Book 3)



Seyisandradavid Also has four novels published I purchased the two that are available on the kindle. I haven’t begun to read them because I’m writing most of the time. But I know they are good because I know how talented she is. I enjoy reading the short stories she shares on WP. Her work holds will kidnap your attention .

The Impossible President is the first book she published.  You will have to check with Sandra on how to purchase it.

Cydonia: Rise of the fallen
The Feet Of Darkness
Tales of  Five lies



LScotThoughts Is a sweet lady married with two children and her beloved dog Copper. She’s an exceptional poet and a collection of her work is published in her book New Day, New Dreams.  She is also a fabulous photographer.

I read Lauren’s poems when I need inspiration. I’ve never read any poetry book from front to back. I skim through them and always find something new to read.

Find Lauren’s book are available at any of the following venues.
 Paperback & E-Book
Barnes and Noble



Catch a Falling Star  Michael is a recently retired teacher who really loved teaching. You can tell by the way he reminisces. He collects toys and shares them on his blog. He’s an amazing artist that will have you awe. He also has a book published Catch a Falling Star  By Michael Beyer I haven’t read it either but I know it’s good. His stories that accompany his art work are  entertaining. He’s also has a new book, Snow Babies soon to be released.



So go check out my friends.

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