Thank you and you and you!!!!

Us Verses Lupus

thank you lw

With still sixteen days to go you wonderful people have brought me up to $150.00.  I am truly amazed and grateful for your support. If I reach the $200 mark before the 25th I’ll do the ASL challenge earlier because it’s getting cold out there.  Those who said they don’t want me to do it don’t worry I will be fine.  I’ll run right into a hot shower after.

I want to give a personal shout out to my contributors

The first anonymous donor of $25 was me  so I don’t count.

The second anonymous donor is truly anonymous gave $10 to help me hit the pledged $150.00

Rosy one of my fellow Word Press bloggers who is really sweeter than sugar gave $25

Georgina Adams fellow writer from Writers Cafe and all around caring person gave $15

Lauren Scott another Word Press blogger that is also too sweet to…

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