Acknowledging My Blogging Friends 9/16/14

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I have to admit I am enjoying editing my novel. I have new characters in the end of my book that weren’t even thought of when I started. So while editing I’m revising. I even made myself cry reading a part of it. I’ve consolidated some of the chapters and elaborating on some of the characters personalities. I know I will have to edit it again and maybe again but I think I might be ready to send query letters within the next couple of months. There is a major issue I am having and that’s coming up with a nice easy yet intriguing title.



My tag line is: An adulteress who has no interest in a committed relationship and a player on a mission to accumulate as many conquest as he can. Circumstances keeps pushing them together can they resist the attraction?


I’m going to continue to share links to the blogs I read and enjoy to let all of you  know how valuable you are to me.  So the following are blogs I would re-blog if I re-blogged.


Views From the Hill  Barney keeps it real. He speaks his mind and knows what he’s talking about. He even makes some fabulous cutting boards.



Richard Ankers  A poet with sweet words of affection. He will have you swooning with his words. You got to love a man that’s romantic.


Where Words Daily Come Alive   Wendell is a devoted man to first God, his wife and family. His words are inspiring words of praise to our Father.


Advocate MM Mohanaksharaalu   More beautiful words of poetry. He combines the love and religious devotion in his words. You will be inspired.



Joe Writes His Wrongs Joe is incarcerated and is sharing what life is like behind bars. It can be a little heartbreaking to read. But Joe is trying to turn his life around.   He’s a very talented artist and he hopes to pursue a career with his talents. A little support and encouragement can help turn this young man’s life around.



Last but not least is The Lupie Chick She share all kinds of information not just on lupus. I just found her thought I would promote one of my lupie sisters.

14 thoughts on “Acknowledging My Blogging Friends 9/16/14

  1. I love the way characters you never planned for in a novel sort of metamorphose out of nowhere. One of my favourite characters in my latest novel did just that: he appeared about one-third of the way through the story, at which point he was quite insane, but as the story progressed he became the rock upon which all the other characters leaned. I think this is what editors call a story arc.

    I’ll check out those blogs you’ve mentioned.

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