Acknowledging My Blogging Friends 92314


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Last week I had this list prepared but I couldn’t remember what the title was I had it filed under. After I posted I stumbled over this list. Whew!! I was starting to think I didn’t create one.


Well without further ado here are blogs I would share I re-blogged if I re-blogged.


A beautiful poem I read last week by Zara



A little laugh for those in the “Golden Years” From Oyia Brown



Now a few more of my friends that need some following.


To Breathe is to Write Jackie is an extremely talented writer. She has a strong and vivid imagination. I am in awe when I read her stories. Her poems aren’t to be ignored either.


ABC of Spiritalk  My dear friend Carolyn. She is so witty. She writes and reads to us. She writes creative short stories. She uniquely compares us to the behavior of animals.


Reading Pleasure Talking about nice ladies. Here’s one, Celestine. She takes part in several writing challenges and boy can she come up with some fascinating stories and poems. She’s a bit of a romantic.  She is currently taking a break from blogging but I must tell you I do miss her.


Sarah Potter Writes Sara has many creative talents. She shares beautiful photos. She writes charming Haiku’s. She also participates in several of the challenges that circulate around Word Press. Most importantly she cares about our earth and the world.


Mind Love Misery Another talented writer who shares beautiful poetry and selects unique graphics to compliment her words. She also offers writing challenges that are interesting. If you aren’t following this lady you don’t know what you’re missing.

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  1. Oh – I hate when I “misplace” anything.
    But – it happens.
    Such a treasure when it’s found though – eh? 😉
    A nice post of acknowledgement!

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