Acknowledging My Blogging Friends 9/30/14

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Another Tuesday is here and I’m thanking my blogging friends by sharing their words with you. So take a peek at their pages and be entertained. Let them know you found them from my page.


I would have definitely re-blogged this post if I re-blogged regularly. It is an inspiring piece that touched me and put tears of inspiration in my eyes. Please check it out. Purple Rays


Crunk Feminist Collective A college professor that is out spoken on anything that puts a buzz in her ear. She’s pro woman, pro black and makes a lot of sense. So get politically correct here.


Somerempress is a busy woman, a wife, mother and professional woman who shares many thoughts on life, art and current events. She is passionate and writes about what’s on her mind very well. So treat yourself with some of her great post.


Raw Multi Media Richard (Rik) is a fellow New Yorker and a busy young man. He’s got his creative mind in a little of everything. He writes. He creates videos. He’s artistic with his photos. He may even sing and dance for all I know. But what I’m sure of is you will find lots of fun and interesting things on his blog.


The Otherside of Ugly Who doesn’t know Sheri? You’re missing a spiritual feast if you don’t. She is so in tune with nature and the universe that the spirits speak to her. She loves us humans so much her words are very up lifting. Don’t take my word for it go check her out.

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