I Woke Up the Sun Slept In

Us Verses Lupus

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I was in unbearable pain on Sunday. I felt this pain off and on but it never lingers. This past Sunday the pain wouldn’t go away. Since I have Pulmonary Hypertension and COPD I was afraid it was serious.

So to the emergency room (ER) I went. The doctor ordered a CT scan which found my left lung normal. He told me it was a pull muscle and that my lupus is active. Now I feel like a fool going to the ER. Lupus makes me feel a bit unsure when I feel discomfort. I question myself is it something real or not. So I usually just take a pill, go to bed, and wait to see what happens. I always keep my doctor appointments and I’m always fine when I complain about this or that ache. That’s why I am reluctant to go to the ER. It’s…

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8 thoughts on “I Woke Up the Sun Slept In

  1. I think if you feel pain that’s out of the ordinary, you have to go the ER, Kim. Do not beat yourself up about it. A pulled muscle hurts, and don’t feel bad because it wasn’t something worse, my firiend!

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