Blog Acknowledgement 10/14/14

Hi Lovies,


Hope everyone is well and doing what they enjoy doing. If not I hope you’re doing what you do best.  I’m working on my novel and still enjoying doing that.  This week I would like  to acknowledge a few more of my blogging friends.  So go visit tell them I said hi and enjoy.


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Do you like college football, bowling, golf, movies and stories about family and friends? Then check out Mark a professional freelance writer. He is witty and fun to read.  Mark Bialczak
I’m not sure what you call this art that Jake does. Some type of Photoshop graphics. He creates scenes and makes them animated. When I visit Jakes Printers I spend several minutes admiring his talent.

When I say amazing I’m not giving  Utham at  Light Touch justice. He takes professional photos of nature, wild life and buildings. When I first started following Utham he share unique photos of graffiti. Go be amazed.

Cristi takes around the world with the amazing photos he shares. Not only does he share the photos but he educates us about the areas.  Cristi Moise Also check out the music from Scorpions here.


This is week I am sharing a wonderful spiritual snack  At the End of the Day Live Spirituality enjoy these words from Dr. Rex. You will find a little bit of everything on blog.


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