Blog Acknowledgement 10/22/14

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I’m a day late in doing my weekly blog acknowledgement.   I was very busy yesterday taking a “me” day.  It was nice lying around in bed eating junk food and watching TV.  It rain most of the afternoon making it a perfect day.  I was treated with thunder in the early morning hours and we’re having more rain today.  I’m going to cook a pot of beans and take another “me” day today.  As I said in one of my video on my post  The Alliance for Lupus Research’s NY Walk 2014 Lupus is the gift that keeps on giving.  Or maybe my former life  is coming back to bite me in the ass.  I don’t know either way I’m dealing with some health issues that I’m not ready to share openly.  So these “me” days are well deserved.

I haven’t been writing poetry because the words aren’t there to express what I’m feeling.  It’s not angry, fearful or sad. I guess it’s acceptance.  I am however giving my novel attention and reading your post.

Until my vacationing muse returns I’ll continue sharing what I read by acknowledging your blogs.

I love Genesis in the Bible and this story by Robert had me in awe. It is quite entertaining. Robertson is an excellent writer. Robertson Writes


Ben of Ben Naga shared this with me last week about Near Death Experiences. It is quite interesting. Angelic View


Ms. Harris shares photos, books and stories. She’s well rounded and had lots to share on her blog. E A M Harris


I will say this is a gentle soul. He writes beautiful and has a face that looks caring and loving. Poesy Plus Polemics


No subject is safe on this blog. How the Hell Did I End Up Here read her opinions and see what’s going on today.

18 thoughts on “Blog Acknowledgement 10/22/14

  1. “Me” days are great. Take all the “me” days that you can whenever you can. I used to feel guilty taking them. But – I’ve gotten over that (kinda’). 😉

      1. To be sure, my dear one. When you are ready to talk ’bout the new trial, we’ll all be here for you.
        You are one strong woman, Kim, to be sure.
        Enjoy another ‘me’ day… 😉

  2. So sorry to read that you are ill. Wishing you the wisdom, the grace, the courage, and the strength to go the distance in this journey–hopefully to a place of healing.

    Thanks so much for your “shout out” about my blog to your readers. That was so gracious of you. All the best. Cheers!

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