Blog Acknowledgment 10/28/14

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This week blogs I’m featuring if I re-blogged these are some of the ones.

November is one week away, and that means NaNoWriMo and NaBloPoMo are, too! En    are inspiring bloggers again. I’m thinking about it. What about you guys?


The Dawn Erupts   g.e. Gayle writes gentle and quiet poetry that screams to be heard.


Cindy Knoke Cindy does a lot of traveling and lucky for us she takes us along with her. Check out the beautiful foxes she captures.


That Montreal Girl An impressive photographer who shares the seasons as they unfold. She shares a lot of the beauty in Canada too.


Jules Gem Stone Pages A poet that shares her thoughts in prose and lovely Haiku’s. A wonderful treat when you visit this blog.


Leila-Gaskin This is a hard-working woman. She shares editing tips. She recently attended and participated in the James River Writing Conference in Virginia. Leila, like me, is also battling lupus you can read her story here



Thank you all for taking time to visit my blogging friends. I notice you where I didn’t notice you before.  Don’t forget to say hi from me.

9 thoughts on “Blog Acknowledgment 10/28/14

  1. I thought I was following Jules. But – maybe I wasn’t or it’s another blog that she has.
    I know – I’m following her now. You know – I like poetry & haiku. 🙂

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