The Breathless

Bing Image of a quasar
Bing Image of a quasar

I am constrained and held in suspension
weary from the crusade of surviving
in a dystopian world where souls are
manufactured with greed and hate
while bleeding in the gutters of fear
copious lies quash the truth where
battered hearts mournfully weep
until the thunder of laughter explodes

in the background of seclusion
being anesthetized by
the solidarity of my comrades
our secrets quietly kept
with pledges of eternal devotion
days grew short, still nights persist
until a quasar explosion
drizzled radiation

now bound by hope, incarcerated by pain
echoes of silence haunts the lonely
who wander lifeless in a trance
clawing at invisible walls of freedom
while regurgitating leftover love
corpses consumed by want
but refused and denied
until buried in utopian peace

©Kimberly Wilhelmina Floria 10/31/14

10 thoughts on “The Breathless

          1. Staying open to one another. I grew up with the Gospels. i read
            “a lonely soul without a mate
            thoughts lost in confusion
            like petals flying in the wind
            as summer retires into autumn
            a fever becomes cancer
            a cough becomes Ebola
            living is a mote issue”

            and now I seem to be commenting in the wrong place.

            Seems you are not the only one in confusion. 😀

  1. What a powerful poem kim… the imagery is really unsettling , be it the weariness with the survival crusade or the dystopian world where greed and hatred are the raw materials for production of troubled souls…like to wish you a utopia of peace and well-being , my friend…best wishes…raj

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