First Nano Poblano 2014

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My muse took one of her impromptu vacation as she tends to do every now and again. One of the reasons I wasn’t going to do the Nano Poblano. I decided to participate so I wasn’t going to give up before I even started. I never shared a food post before so this is my first time, being that preparing yesterday’s dinner dominated my writing time. I am working at becoming a vegan but at best I’ve been a vegetarian. I’m trying new things that will be satisfying and help me not miss eating meat.

To make make my butternut squash soup vegan I needed vegetable broth. Since I had to go out I  ran several errands. I takes two buses to the get to the post office. From the post office I walked five blocks to the bank. Big deal you say. Yes it is a big deal for me. I suffer with Sciatica and I need two knee replacements. I suffer from COPD and other health issues that include Lupus. Also I’m over fifty, enough said. From the bank I took the same two buses in reverse to Walgreen’s (a pharmacy that carries a little of everything). I needed seltzer and hoped to get vegetable broth. Of course they didn’t have the broth I wanted so I walked another block to the grocery store with two heavy bottles of seltzer. A waste of time because they didn’t have the broth I wanted. My meal won’t be vegan so I may as well get the heavy cream being that I have to use chicken broth.



By the time I returned home I was tired but I wanted my soup. I diced up a few slices of red and green onions, half stalk of celery and three cloves of garlic. I put a stock pot of water on to boil and went to change my clothes. When I got back in the kitchen I turned the water down and cut my butternut squash, two carrots and a red delicious apple. The recipe I read called for a green apple but I used what I had. The green apple would have made the soup tart, the delicious one made it sweet (I peeled the skin off the apple because I wasn’t sure if it would get soft enough). I don’t measure or follow recipes unless it’s for cakes or cookies.



I boil water in the pot to rid the pot of any lingering flavors and also to make it hot.  Now that all my ingredients were prepared to cook I poured the water out of the pot and melted coconut oil to sauté the onions, celery and garlic. Once they were soft and transparent I put the apple, carrots and squash in the pot. I poured the can of chicken broth over everything and add a little water. I was careful not to add too much. I wanted my soup to be thick not watery.  I sprinkled garlic powder, onion powder, seasoning salt and a bit of cinnamon in the pot. After mixing the seasoning in I covered the pot. After it came to a boil I turned the fire down to let the mixture simmer.



At that time I could have written something  for today. But I opted to read emails. After an hour the squash was soft, the carrots were still a bit tough so I gave it a few more minutes so I’ll say I let the pot simmer for an hour and twenty minutes. I then scooped the ingredients into the blender and puree the mixture. I did it in two batches. Once my soup was nice and creamy I put it back in the pot and stirred in the heavy cream. If it was going to be vegan I would have used almond milk.


Final Results.
Final Results.

I ate a bowl and it tasted heavenly. It was my first time making the soup and tasting it. Trust me it won’t be my last. By this time it was almost five in the evening, the time my body usually shuts down. I took a shower and crawled in bed to watch TV. Yesterday Mark gave a review of a movie on HBO, Lone Survivor so I decided to watch it. I was an intense movie. Full of action and I did a lot of gasping. The movie is based on a true story. The one thing that touched me was that it showed humanity after the terror the lone survivor encountered.

So I got my first post done and hopefully I will be successful with the Nano Poblano.

24 thoughts on “First Nano Poblano 2014

  1. Have you thought of getting a pressure cooker? It really cuts down on time (and of course gas/electricity) and retains more flavour than normal cooking. I wouldn’t want to be without mine. I can cook soup in 15 minutes (after doing the frying bit first and then adding the water, stock and other vegetables including carrots) and they are soft enough to mash or blend.

    1. I know they do cut down the time. But when I cook I like to cook. There are three of us here and we take turns or each make a dish. Then there’s always peanut butter and jelly for those days no one wants to cook. 🙂

  2. Yum! That looks & sounds delish!
    Sorry – trying to get what you needed was such an ordeal.

    I love almond milk.
    I’m on a no-dairy intake for now. And – almond milk is saving my sanity. 😉

  3. It sounds delicious. There’s nothing quite like home cooking. I always try to cook everything using fresh ingredients, although it isn’t always practical. If you do have to resort to dairy products, have you tried those from goats or sheep?Their milks are much more digestible and healthy than cows’ milk. I always use goats’ milk, hard cheese, or cream when required in my cooking. You just have to be careful that the nanny goat who’s produced the milk hasn’t been anywhere in the vicinity of a billy goat, or the milk will taste too strong!

  4. Delish soup. Kudos for doing all that running around.

    Hard to do the vegan thing for many reasons: access to the appropriate foods; you have to know how to supplement properly (Omega 3, B12 and D3), and so forth but it is a nutrient dense way to eat. You can find some good staples – like veggie broth – on Amazon and if you have Prime (worth the price of admission to me), shipping cost is nada. One thing I’ve found with vegan: you have to be sure not to get too heavily into carbohydrates to compensate and also – since you have COPD – it needs to be protein dense. Anyone with lung disease needs to have a high-protein diet. The catch is that too much animal protein will ruin your kidneys eventually. So, I’m am no longer strict vegan. (I have hypersensitivity pulmonitis with organizing pneumonia and underlying autoimmune disorder.) We’ve compromised with 3-4 oz. of line-caught Pacific fish, the smaller the better, as the most environmentally sound and least cruel option for now … I think we’ll eventually have flesh foods that have been grown in labs, but maybe not in our lifetimes – at least mine – I left 50 behind some time ago. Good luck with all, Kim, and I hope your muse is winging her way back to you right now.

    1. Thanks for the heads up. There’s a health food store not too far away. I’m trying to eliminate the carbs too. I’m not beating myself up. I am definitely eating better. I want to stay away from meat because of the high steroids in it. The chicken legs are as big as turkey legs. They put the slime in beef and any ground meat. Not to mention how they slaughter and raise they animals for food. My muse visited last night. I wrote an outline it is a little of a hurtful poem but I’m going to work with it. I think I might be a bit depressed but I’m actually good. If that makes sense. Have a good week.

  5. I’ve had sciatica a couple of times due to not stretching immediately after jogging. It took may weeks of physio to right itself – have you tried physio? What caused this condition?
    I hope you saved me some of the soup; it looks delicious!

  6. Good Morning, SHO & Everyone! What a beautiful fall day in the Minni-apple.

    That bowl of Nano Poblano looks Divine.

    I certainly do appreciate you sharing your shopping journey with us. I enjoyed the adventure. These days, things come to us too easily. We’ve become to comfortable in our little worlds. Sciatica is no joke. I suffer with it too, SHO.

    What I’ve discovered about illnesses is that there’s always a way to tap into that creative element that we’ve all been endowed with. There’s always a way. So thank you for sharing your ways.

    Now off to the store with hubby, so we can pick up what he needs to make us some Nano Poblano!

    1. LOL!!! Nano Pablano is a month long writing challenge. It’s the bloggers version of National Novel Writing Month. NaNoWrMo is where writers accept the challenge to write a complete novel draft of 50,000 words in 30 days. Nano Pablano is a blog post a day for 30 days. It’s a way of meeting other bloggers. The soup is just Butternut Squash soup. I hope you enjoy it as much as I do.

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