Chaos Spinning

One of the things I do when my muse is snoozing is pull out the dictionary and fan the pages, stop and with my eyes close point out a word. I will find anywhere from five to ten words and write a poem using the words I find. I did that for today’s Nano Poblano, Post. Feel free to borrow my words if you want and feel free to link back if you wish.

These are the words I picked.



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Chaos Spinning

my thoughts are segregated
while traveling the diameter
of my conscience emotions
collecting the memories
with validating watermarks
from the deep pains inflicted
from the haunting shadows
of my jaded past
prayers are silently whispered
while evil thoughts are verbalized loud
across the greedy and unforgiving media
modesty is long forgotten
and compassion is becoming existent
love is a mysterious illusion
while distention and war
feed the masses with
contaminated anxiety and fear
to create a worldwide hysteria

©Kimberly Wilhelmina Floria 11/02/14

26 thoughts on “Chaos Spinning

  1. Kim , liked your post for its creative interweaving of words and images . my only suggestion would be that you deviate from negative events of your past as raw material for your writings ; the more you dig into them , more of sorrow is dredged up . probably the process is having a cathartic effect on you ; if so , go with the flow and I also wish that you are able to leverage it towards rewarding output ….best wishes…raj

    1. Thanks for your comment. I do deviate. I am going through a difficult time right now and writing is how I work through it. There are some spritual and love poems sprinkled in. I don’t know how many happy ones you would find. I am an outward pleasant and happy person but I pamper depression inside. These poems are actually not that dark. I have some that spills pure posion. Someone told another writer the same thing on his blog. His response was he does sadness well. I think I do too.

    1. When I had my grandson his spelling homework was to write a story using all his spelling words. I thought it was fun. So I adopted that when I need something to write. Glad you like. it.

  2. Wonderfully written my sister, I used to play that game long ago, but I would have someone give me six words and I would ask them what moved their mind to share those words, and from the energy of them and the conversation I would write a poem, most of the time within minutes. You are awesome Kimberly, and your gift priceless. Hugs and blessings!

  3. awesome write! I used to do that with the newspaper or magazines I would randomly choose words by closing my eyes and pointing to a word and I had to use it or pick every 5th or 7th word and then write from what my muse could conjour.

    * *

    1. Thanks Emily. No I don’t think my poetry would sell. I’m trying to finish my novel, a love story. It’s harder then I thought but I’ve done more on this piece of work than I did on any other previous projects. I’m close to finishing. The beginning I edited twice because I had to catch up./ Now I’m where I was after the second edit and editing to catch up and hopefully this time I will finish it. Then of course more editing which I surprising I actually like doing. It helps me give my characters and story depth.

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