Blog Acknowledgements 11/04/2014

It’s Tuesday and day four of Nano Poblano  and an easy day for me as far as finding something to write about. On Tuesdays I usually acknowledge my blogging friends. These are people whose blogs I would re-blog if I re-blogged. Feel free to go and check out my friends and let them know I sent you over to say hi.


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Now that this is done I have time to go out and vote. If you live in the States make sure you exercise your privilege to vote and make your voice heard. Go Vote!


I know it’s a little late for Halloween but this is a horror story shared by Fish of Gold that happens every day. Fishy as I’ve heard her affectionately called has a lot of other interesting stories on her blog.


Over at jisbell22  they share their views and feelings about love, family and life. Also you can find some talented poetry.


Tiramit over at dhamma footsteps is a Buddhist that travels extensively and shares his adventures that sometime includes his niece. He also shares his view on life and spirituality.


Ernest of Ernest Ortiz Writes Now is a writer who provides us with information on improving our writing skills. He also shares his travels and things he finds interesting.


Noir is a photo blog. He is an impressive photographer who takes stunning black and white photos that are impressive.

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