Religion vs Faith

Someone just read this. I just read it over and still believe the same thing.


Religion vs Faith



What you believe doesn’t make you a better person.

Your behavior does.

I read this a few months ago on FB and a few weeks ago on someone’s post here on WP.  Sorry I don’t remember who post either one.
These two sentences speak volumes.  I think of people who can quote the bible, chapter and verse verbatim.  How wonderful for them they are able to memorize and draw on the right verse in any situation.  I personally have a hard time remembering the above quote.
I have nothing against religion if that’s your thing.  I have nothing against the church, temple, synagogue, mosque or kingdom hall.  Like they say you do you and I’ll do me.  This means I won’t dribble my beliefs on you and I will thank you kindly, not to insinuate your beliefs on me.  As I wrote in my post

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