Blog Acknowledgement 11/11/14

It’s another Tuesday and I want to than a few more of my blogging friends for doing what they do.  I hope you find them interesting like I do.  Remember to tell them I said hello.

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I just started following this blogger via Ivon Prefontaine
of Teacher Transformed who shared this link of  Live & Learn about a harsh reality many of us have or may face one day. It is an issue of private shame


Another poet whose ink spills sweet words of love, pain, womanhood and life. Some of her poems can get raw and to the point. Interesting and creative writer so check  out. AA Young


This is another hard-working author he has several books of poetry for sale. He writes from love to the hard cold realities of life. He’s opinionated and doesn’t bite his tongue. Dean J Baker.


Endless Light and Love If you are hungry for a spiritual snack here is where you will find just the right flavor. Mark gently dish out a tasty buffet.


Linda is another hard-working blogger at Woman on the Edge of Reality. She shares interviews of up and coming writers. She offers tips on writing and recently solicited for poems and short stories for an analog. She herself is a published author and for her blogging is a business.

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  1. I’ve been following David Kanigan at Live & Learn, as well as Ivon Prefontaine at Teacher Transformed, more or less from the birth of my blog. Will check out the others you have mentioned. Thank you.

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