Acts of Kindness

Today I decided to share a video to mark the half way point with Nano Poblano.  Day 15 and I had a blog post everyday.

Paying forward a simple act that carries a lot of weight.  You don’t have to be wealthy to give.  Small jesters creates amazing results.  Have you ever stood in line to pay for an item and was short by a few cents or even a dollar or more?  Then the person behind you offers to pay the difference just as they made your day you made theirs.  Have you ever walked past a homeless person and stopped to give them a dollar or more?  Better yet have you sat on the bus and see a disabled or elderly person struggling to stand holding on to the pole so you get up and give them your seat? What about holding the door open for some one? What about young mother struggling with her small child and one in her arm while trying to open her stroller. Would you ofter to help? Ever see an elderly or disabled person having a hard time crossing the street? There are so many ways to show human compassion. It should be first nature to help one and other.

Acts of kindness don’t just make the recipient happy, the one performing the act usually gets a warm feeling inside.  When you are able to give of yourself to another you are filling your heart and soul with joy.  After you may feel yourself smiling and not realize it.  That smile will be seen by other people you pass by and a chain reaction of smiles will happen.  Try to grab every opportunity you have to give and help.  We are all in this world together.


I saw this video on FB and wanted to share it with you guys.  Enjoy.

A simple act of caring creates an endless ripple.


23 thoughts on “Acts of Kindness

  1. True Kim… I’m late to read this but I just realised it’s a timeless post. Words of wisdom that will still be relevant, speaking to every heart even hundreds of years after we have our breath has been reduced to naught! Doing good in the sly is always therapeutic to the doer. Be blessed.

  2. wow – How I missed this one – full of wisdom and passion – It was very touching and motional. Your post always share a good lesson every time to learn. My sincerest appreciation!

  3. Wonderful post, one I needed to see today as i was besieged by crabby people everywhere I went. Makes me happy that I let the old man waiting to check out, with his oxygen bottle go in front of me. It does matter, that one feel good moment, even when the world see bent on ticking you off. 🙂

  4. How sweet that was, Kim; makes the heart warm…
    Yes, I’ve given when at the checkout and someone hasn’t had the money to pay. I’ve also experienced some who won’t take the gesture. I guess their pride wont allow them. I honour their stand as well – I think it stems from a self responsibility that says – if I can’t pay for it, then I don’t need it. Both ways, it’s okay with me…
    I also know that kindness repays itself. 🙂
    A great post, to be sure.

    1. Last month I was in the store and my bill came to $100.11 all I had was $100 bills. The man behind me was going to pay and I refused. I had a car service and I remember I had his money on me. I’ve given people money to help them pay their bill. I am glad you liked the video. It is touching.

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