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Thank you everyone for your best wishes. The surgeon said it is “a little cancer”. He took a wedge out, a portion of the lobe. It depends on what comes back from the lympnodes biopsy. If its positive then I will have to have chemo.

I don’t have an appetite and I feel nausea. I didn’t get much sleep. So as I try to give you this update I’m nodding off. Tentative discharge is Friday or Saturday. I have scheduled post untl Sunday. Hopefully I’ll be able to come up with something creative. Excuse any errors in this commercial. I’m exhausted and typing on the tablet.

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like cotton balls dipped in dye
natures’ jewels
paint autumns’ hues
brass, gold, emerald and ruby
clutching the remnants of summer
swaying in the wind
until they rain down
to join their fallen brethren
rolling out the carpet
to welcome winters’
grand entrance

© Kimberly Wilhelmina Floria 11/14/14

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31 thoughts on “Season Portal

    1. Thanks. You know this hospital was good. They didn’t come in too often. They took vitals in the morning, brought all the meds. The doctors did their rounds and at about 10 pm they hardly came in unless I or my roommate need them.

  1. A little is better than a lot. Now we wish for more good news, Kim. Still waiting and hoping and in your corner. Thanks for letting us know where we stand. Get your rest for the remainder of the battle.

  2. Hi Kim. A “little cancer.” for a GIANT, that’s you. I had a friend who went through chemo. Initially, she resisted like crazy. And I’m not saying you resisted, but….

    I shared this with here:

    During your chemo, visualize every drop of that medicine going in your veins as a golden/orange light of love flowing in and bathing, soothing, caressing, and pulsating, with the healing of the Holy Spirit.

    May the Blessing Be!


    1. Thank you Ametia for those encouraging words. I’m blessed even further. I don’t need chemo. They found and got all the cancer out. I’m just dealing with the pain of recovering. They took a wedge as they call it out of my lung. So I guess healing is going to take more time than I thought. 🙂

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