I’m on my tablet. I hope this message goes through. Well I can say I’m a cancer survivor. I had stage 1 lymphoma . I probably spelled it wrong it was lung cancer. Doc said I was cure. The lympnodes were negative. I have to have a CT scan every 4 months. I will have to use oxygen when I get home. Which they plan on discharging me this afternoon. The nurse is breathing down my throat to walk. Hopefully I will be able to post something on Sunday. I have one last post
scheduled tomorrow.

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  1. PTL it has not gone any further! The getting checked every 4 months is not nice but oxygen at home bites! Yes do walk it will keep fluid from building up in lungs and breathe deep as much as possible, I hope they give you exercises for your lungs. I have COPD Emphysema diagnosed 9 years ago and have with following instructions avoided so far having to have O2 at home, I do have to take 5 breathing treatments a day though. So please please do as they say and keep breathing deep my friend. Still praying! xxx

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  2. I did not hear about you having surgery until today. Wishing you well. I had lung surgery and I know it will take time to recover. It was crazy but I remember the incision on my back hurt when I walked. I did not realize how the back muscles are involved in walking, holding our body upright. I had lung cancer as well. I have been a survivor for 10 years.

    1. It’s definitely nothing to sneeze at. I just want to relax but I know I need to walk and build my strength back up. Thanks for your insight and the wonderful news of 10 years cancer free. Very hopeful

      1. You will get you strength back. I had a lot of muscle spasms in my chest that were pretty bad with the surgery and had to take the pain meds on schedule. But if you had the video-assisted surgery I think it is not as painful. But still you are not supposed to be able tor run a marathon right away. I was short of breath if I exerted myself or climbed stairs but then my body adjusted and I was ok. It takes time. It is good they caught it early for you. Be hopeful. πŸ™‚

        1. Thanks for that insight. I am more tired and a lot of pain today. My O2 drops down to 79 and doesn’t go above 97. I take the pain meds and been sleeping. Yes he did it with the robot because of m5 other health issues. He wanted to use as little stress as possible.

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    Remember our Nano Poblano teammate who had to have surgery for the lump in her lung this week? Well, how about this good news she’s reporting from her cancer doctor today? Yay, Kim!

  4. This is the best news, Kim! Way to go. Fantastic. Get that oxygen up and you will be recovering from the surgery at home. I am so happy to hear this! Fantastic. Good things can happen to good people, cancer survivor. πŸ™‚

  5. Good to know you’re in good hands, Kim. That nurse is right, of course; best to get moving as soon as poss. Seems so cruel, and yet it’s the best thing to do to get the system working!

  6. Oh man. A. I’m so glad that it has been removed and eradicated such that the doc says you are cured and not in remission. That must surely give you peace of mind. B. I’m sure the thought of having to tote around an oxygen tank seems tiring, but man oh man I’m glad you are alive and well and able to breathe at all. And C, I just love you. “Thank you universe for leaving Kim with us as a cancer survivor. May she use this experience to the benefit of the beings of your creation.” Love, Sheri

  7. Glad to read your good news. And take your time with getting yourself back to “normal” life, including posting. Take care of yourself. You are after all your *own* best friend. If not, then there’s work to be done. πŸ™‚

  8. Congratulations! I’m a 30+ year lung cancer survivor, so it can be done. And as much as it pains you, do get up and walk. It really does help the healing process and helps bring your strength back. Trust me

    1. Thanks Barney and you are my beacon of hope. I’m up and around just don’t want to go outside and walk. It’s too cold but I’m getting up and down the stairs. Thanks for your encouragement.

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