Would you drop your best friend for 15 millions???

A friend posted on FB last week. (It was last night when I scheduled this post.)
On the radio they asked, “would you drop your best friend for 15 million dollars???”


Response– I don’t have one so I’d be like sure….. lol


Response– Yes and she might let me lol


Response– Yes I’ll find her later and maybe give her 5 million lol


Response– I would n once I get da money I’m callin den up n takin den out to make up for it lol
Response– Jesus Christ is My 1 & only TRUE friend; so YE$$$$$$$$!


Response– I’m taking the money and I see that bitch lol later


Response– Lmaoo^^^
My response– SMH (shake my head) don’t you youn’ins know a true friend is more valuable than all the money in the world. A true friend will always have your back even when you’re wrong. They will be there to help you if you fall. I’ve never been wealthy but I’ve been lonely and money won’t buy happiness. Not real happiness. What good would having 15 million dollars and no one to share it with. Not having someone close to you that you trust. You can’t buy friends and material toys won’t fill a void for long. Don’t mind me I’m just an old lady.


Response– What are friends Kimberly Wilhelmina Floria ?? (asks the young lady that posed the question)


My response – Someone who has your back. Your lover, mother and/or soul mate. Anyone that has been with you through thick and thin. During the good and bad times. I have a friend I’ve known for 48 years and another I’ve known for 39 years. I’ve known Charlene for 20 years. I could call any one of them if I need them and they would be there for me. I could use the 15 mil and spend it real quick. But the benefits would wear off and I’ll find myself lonely. I wouldn’t give up any of these 3 friends or any other of my friends. I rather be rich with love, happiness and friendship. My name ain’t Mrs. Scrooge.


Response -Ok


Response- Sorry but see ya later; no hard feelings


I shared this to show how much value we put on money and material things. We believe the more we have the happier we’ll be. Money will pay for our luxuries that society seduces and tempt us with. We dream of a fabulous house with seven bedrooms, ten baths, a pool, basketball and tennis court. We want a garage with three or more luxury cars. Clothes, jewelry, shoes and more toys than you can pay with. What a dream!
Now what happens when you make new friends? Are they your friends because they like your company or because you’re rich and give great parties. What if you get sick and spend all your money on medical bills. Or maybe you didn’t pay your taxes and the IRS comes for your ass. Will those new friends be there for you?
I don’t think so because they were probably as greedy as you. But I bet you if you go to that best friend you had before the 15 million dollars they will be there for you despite you dropping them for money. If they’re not than hey you did the right thing giving them up. (But could you blame them? You choose money over them.)
However, my point is that friends, true friends are hard to come by in life. When you find a friend that you can confide in, that will come to you when you need them and stand by your side. Hold onto them because we only get but so many chances to make lifetime friends.

14 thoughts on “Would you drop your best friend for 15 millions???

  1. I think if you ask that kind of question you probably haven’t even had a friends.. sad really. Money you should have enough of not to have to care.. but more just make you nervous and lonely.. 15M would just make you unhappy. For myself I would put it on an account and live as I used to… or give a large portion to charity.

  2. Not for $15M, $20M, or even $100 million. My best friends are my lifelines. I love them so very, very much! No amount of money is worth that. And for those who say they WILL…do not have real friends. How sad for them 😦

  3. If you have 15 millions pounds/dollars/ whatever you will probably find it nearly impossible ti find a “true” friend. Similar with being famous or powerful. Best to be and stay real andonly remarkable for being yourself.

  4. My response? No f…f…flaming way. I would never ever ever ditch my best friend. She has been there for me when no one else was, and she helped me out of the hole I couldn’t see the top of. People like that are rare, and I would never drop her, no matter the money

  5. Thinking about what I would do with that $15 million would be some good fun for a few days, and then it would be turned down. GIve me my best friend any day! As for those initial responses, I choose to just move on and not let them get me in a funk all day.

    Speaking of big $$, my husband and I know exactly what we’d do if we hit it big, and none of it has to do with a bigger house. Unfortunately for us, we never actually get out and buy those lottery tickets. smh

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