Now is Today

seeking the future
today I hoped for tomorrow
to see a new day
excited with the possibilities
the wondrous
and the surprises
will the sun shine
or will rain drop
will the birds sing
and flowers blossom
what will tomorrow bring
a dance of joy
or a tear of sorrow
so excited
that I forgot
to embrace this day

©Kimberly Wilhelmina Floria 12/16/14

15 thoughts on “Now is Today

  1. […] Kim (Silently-Heard-Once) – She is somebody I discovered when I started blogging on WordPress and I have been following her since then. I love her poetry and her courage and enthusiasm to fight every battle. She is an inspiration. I loved her recent posts like A Dip in the Sea, Intimate and Now is Today. […]

    1. Thank you Niama. I am so happy you enjoyed my poems. Your words here have touched me. 2015 is being to be a challenge. I’m relying on that encouragement and courage to fight these battles I’m facing. Hugs my love.

  2. Yes so many forget to embrace the day and their Now moments as they worry about yesterday and tomorrow..
    Enjoy and savour each moment.. as I savour your lovely Poetry..
    Have a Wonderful Christmas Kim.. Love and Blessings
    Sue xx

  3. I am glad to see you looking ahead, Kim right now as we head through Christmas and the New Year. I know you’ll appreciate the day at hand as you look forward, too. 🙂

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