Fed Up with the Bull

Tell me how looting and attacking the police is going to solve the problem of police brutality?

As I see it the only ones who will get anything out of this violence is the funeral directors, the casket builders and the grave diggers. The cops will have an unfair trail and get a slap on a wrist or a pardon.

We have marched for 50 years. We marched for the right to sit in the front of the bus. But we are so programmed we still go to the back.

We marched for the right to vote but we choose not to vote and complain when councilman, assemblymen, senator, governor or president don’t do the job we voted them to do. We have power in our vote. So get out and vote the corrupt, stealing lying do nothing bums out of office. You don’t have the right to complain if you can’t take the time to vote.

We marched for fair and equal education. We have doctors, lawyers, teachers and entrepreneurs. This tells me we have intelligent folks among us. So why are these young people out there throwing rocks and garbage cans at the police? What will it accomplish?


Why can’t we create a panel of lawyers that are license in every state and send a team to these areas that have these incidents with the police? If the police in your area keep getting away with abuse then it must have to do with the public officials we voted for. Vote them out!!! These are our communities we shouldn’t have to defend ourselves. It’s our communities we have to do the work to make it right for our parents, children and ourselves.



19 thoughts on “Fed Up with the Bull

  1. Police departments are looking for sociopathic narcissists to fill their ranks. The government is sending in plants to stir up violence as an excuse to create a police state. They did the same thing in Germany. It’s their way to control everyone, black, white, male or female. We’ve been sold out and there is so much proof. We need to remember that there are still good people out there who are also appalled by this. We want it stopped but don’t know how.

  2. Nice post–I hear you, and wish I had faith that there’s a direct path out of this. It’s a tough call. The unrest draws negative attention and distracts from the relentless violence poor folks, and poor folks of color in particular, face on a daily basis. And yet, when the streets are quiet, those in power–then the comfortable, mostly white people like me can forget about the ongoing slaughter and focus on keeping our lawns green and tidy. I’m afraid things are going to get worse–possibly catastrophic–before the people with the power are motivated enough to demand true justice.

  3. […] This post by silentlyheardonce is a great example of how people ought to react in troubling times like this. How does destroying something assuage one’s grief? Two wrongs do not make a right, so the saying goes, and piling on wrong after wrong only digs a deeper hole. From my perspective as a white man, I can already tell that people who live around me are only going to see the violence, and they are going to blind themselves to the wrongs that spawned it. […]

    1. I read on FB a women saying that she’s tired of the racial bull shit. She further states if Michael Brown hadn’t committed a federal crime she’s sure he would still be alive. And Freddie Gray wasn’t a thug instead of being a law abiding citizen she’s pretty sure he would still be alive. She is missing the point they were being arrested. Their guilt wasn’t confirmed. That the police were judge, jury and executors. These men were not allowed their rights as American citizens of prusumed innocent until they are trailed before a jury of their peers. Race has nothing to do with it. It’s about all of our rights as American citizens that are being ignored.

  4. I never understood how tearing one’s neighborhood down is accomplishing anything. You are right, people need to use their power of vote, or lose it one day.

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