How Can U Hide From Love?

Is it possible?  Can anyone succeed?  Especially my protagonist in Hidden Temptation?


Odette is beautiful and the woman she displays is elegant, confident and self reliant.  Is that the real her? Does she have issues that are deep rooted in her past?  Would you like to know?  Keep an eye out for Hidden Temptation to be released soon.


The following is an expert from Chapter One of  Hidden Temptation by Kimberly Wilhelmina Floria  January 25, 2015 ©Library of Congress1-2085948171


He yells, “bitch” and smacked her face causing her eye to turn red and swell. The coach and a few of his teammates ran over and pulled him off.
When Odette arrived home her sister Lynette saw her eye and the marks on her neck. She asked Odette where Thurman was. Lynette called Jeanette, their oldest sister.

Jeanette had just moved into her first studio apartment. She jumped into her old her orange pinto. She picked up her Lynette and Odette. The three of them went to the high school. Lynette had a baseball bat and Jeanette had a master lock tied in a tube sock.

The sisters stormed into the gym, sees Thurman drinking water with the rest of his team. Lynette and Jeanette walked up to Thurman and ignored Odette’s pleas for them not to. Odette huddled behind a pillar and peeked into the gym while Lynette walked right up to Thurman and slammed the bat into his legs made him fall to the floor. He screamed and Lynette stepped back and Jeanette smashed the sock across his face before the rest of the team responded. A few of the players grabbed Jeanette and pulled her away before she could land another blow with the sock. Lynette bent down and got real close to Thurman’s face and said. “Stay away from my sister or you will end up in the Jamaica Bay marshes.” Odette hasn’t had a boyfriend since.


More to follow as nearing publishing date.

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            1. When I started writing I was zipping through it. Then I got sick and it went to the back burner. I picked it up several times over the years but when lupus made me fatigue I stopped. I decided to blog and be happy but reading everyone publishing and working on their novels I wanted mine finished. So I took this break and finished it. Now I’m working on editing it I hope for the last time. I’m going to publish it like I did my poems but I’m going to put more effort into selling it. So I’m going to post these little excerpts to help pique interest.

  1. Sounds a traumatic start ( or finish to any relationship!! )

    Sounds to be full of adventure Kim..

    Hope all is well with you? sending well wishes your way
    Sue ❤

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