I Want To Play With Her



The following is an expert from Chapter One of Hidden Temptation by Kimberly Wilhelmina Floria January 25, 2015 ©Library of Congress1-2085948171



Wilhelm’s smile drops, he squints his eyes and cocks his head slightly to the side and asks, “I beg your pardon?”


 She walks out the room toward her desk. She has a gentle wiggle in her stride that causes Wilhelm’s penis to twitch. Instinctively he wants to reach and scratch but he was raised better than to touch himself in front of a lady. He realizes she’s going to be a challenge and he’s up to it. He doesn’t care who he seduces, well not just any woman, there are plenty on the second floor he wouldn’t touch with rubber gloves. But this loveliness, he will wine and dine until she can no longer resist.



He will be sure to guard his heart carefully, she is irresistible, he could easily get caught up and that is definitely not in his plans.

She sits behind her desk and looks him straight in the eyes, “I don’t play games and I don’t have time for bull shit,” she tells him.

“Okay,” he says with renewed determination. “What’s wrong with single men?” A beautiful woman with issues, attitude and sexiness is magnetic Wilhelm thinks.

“You’re like puppies, you . . . you get too attached and can’t be house broken.” She bunches up her shoulders and shivers her body as if she feels a chill.

Wilhelm laughs, “I’m house broken, and I’m not looking for a commitment, just a nice meal and some fun. That’s it.”

Odette looks at him, he does look good but not worth the risk. She goes back to stuffing envelopes. Both her motto, and ring tone comes from Rick James and Teena Marie, ‘use and abuse, love them and leave them.’ She had no plans of letting any man turn on the fire. All she wants is the pleasure and none of the pain that comes with relationships. “I’m sorry, it ain’t happening.”




Is he trying too hard? Is she too cold? Is she playing hard to get? Will they go out on a date? Will her sisters get involved?



Tell me what you think then find out what is going on when Hidden Temptation is up for sale.

6 thoughts on “I Want To Play With Her

  1. Oh goodness – lots to think about here. Where will this go? Definitely leaves me curious.
    Odette may be someone I love to hate. Or – should I feel bad for her? Hmmm…

  2. Indeed, you’ve left me wondering what is going to happen between those two. The trouble is with relationships, people might start out agreeing the boundaries, but there is no denying the unpredictability of the heart.

    For some reason, your posts haven’t been showing up on my blog’s reader. I haven’t intentionally deserted you. Just thought you were having a rest from blogging due to your health. So glad you’ve been working hard on the writing and hope you are well.

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