That We Will Over Come

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When I was thirteen years old a ten-year old boy was killed by a plain clothes police officer. The ten-year old was said to have a gun. According to this article I linked to, they say no gun was recovered but I remember back then, the papers said Clifford had a toy gun. Also they were in his father’s gypsy cab. I don’t know how the story got jumbled up over the years.  The truth will never be known. I tell this story because I wanted to march in solidarity for Clifford Glover but my mother wouldn’t allow me and I wouldn’t dare disobey her. The marches turned into riots, same shit different day. What has changed today forty years later? The police officer involved in Clifford’s killing was charged with murder and tried in 1974, but was acquitted by a predominantly white jury. However, he was fired by the NYPD the same year. Today everyone has  cameras and record incidents of abuse and murders by the police yet they go unpunished ninety percent of the time. (My own guesstimate) Where is the justice? Oh that’s right No Justice, No Peace. Which doesn’t mean to destroy our communities.



Fifty years later we still have not overcome and it tears at my heart.  All this confusion, hate and blindness that still plagues Earth’s intelligent species called human. We cannot discuss it because we don’t hear each other. Black folks,  with only a few exceptions feel, hear and/or see racism every day. Many white people think we’re imagining it because they, themselves think racism no longer exist. Well that’s what I hear from many. Let me tell you we are not imagining what is going on. It’s sad that many white Americans can’t see what’s happening right in front of their eyes. Then are shocked when they see an incident of blatant racism. But we told you. Maybe some of the racism is clouded by the power struggle of the rich vs the poor. Which is probably more devastating than the prejudice racism.



Yes we have a black president. Yes we have come a long way. However our president and his family have been disrespected unmercifully. He is the president of the United States of America his job is to do what is best for all the citizens black and white. However black people don’t think he’s doing enough for black people and white people don’t think he’s doing anything. That’s a broad statement, I know because  everyone doesn’t feel the same. My point is we are still fighting the same battle we were engaged in almost fifty years ago when a great man said these words, “I have a dream that one day little black boys and girls will be holding hands with little white boys and girls.”  Yes they do in daycare but then they grow up and learn to not trust, they learn to hate.  To feed into the stereotypes and believe what they have been told instead of learning for themselves. We forget how to be blind to our differences and allow society to dictate how we see each other.
During slavery there were overseers to keep the ‘niggers’ in line. To train them, and if they didn’t learn they were whooped, with a leather strap until they were bloody and unconscious. If that’s not barbaric tell me what is? Young black boys walking around with their pants hanging off their ass? Young black men and woman killing each other? A topic for another time.  But yes it’s barbaric that we have so much self hate that we want to eliminate each other.  Yes  the slaves were emancipated a hundred and fifty years ago but the cancer spreading though the generations is still destroying us.  Some of our ancestors migrated, others share cropped.  Life wasn’t easy. Freed slaves were uneducated, unskilled and hated.  Hated by the plantation owners because they lost their free labor. Hated by the overseers who were losing their jobs to the freed slaves.  This element oh hate has bred from one generation to another.  Up to today.  The Good Ol’ Boys, um I mean Good Ol’ People are still stewing across the USA.
So during segregation  the Ku Klux Klan ( night riders) evolved. They intimidated black people who they deemed got out of line by burning crosses and/or their property. They also beat, tarred and feather the ‘niggers’. Least we not forget the strange fruit swinging on trees down in the south. Because black folks were trying to better their lives.  Because they believed they were free. They were teaching each other, buying land and acting like they were human.  The nerve of us.




When segregation was abolished drugs flooded the black communities and put black folks to sleep. Making junkies and spreading a new designer disease called aids. Later came the crack created zombies. Our communities are still contaminated from the effects. How? Let me tell you. Many children born from the crack, heroin and alcoholic mothers are babies that grew up with special needs, physically and mentally.  Or these kids grew up seeing the fast money to be made selling drugs. Drug gangs sprung up and today fight over a piece of street corner they don’t own, a corner that belongs to any city USA.  Yes drugs and aids plagues white people too.  But like a good game of  chess a few pawns must be sacrificed to achieve the main objective. To destroy and conquer.  Who are the they that want to destroy and conquer? I wonder.  But I know they exist.




After all these years of conditioning black people and creating the fundamental design of low self-worth, you now blame those of us who haven’t learned  to uplift themselves up from the years of oppression. Who still maintains the divide that began when the light skin black people worked in the big house while the dark skin blacks were doing hard labor out in the field. “House niggers” and “field niggers” weren’t suppose to mix. This caused animosity and lack of trust that is still relevant today.  James Brown told us “I’m Black and I’m Proud



don't feed



Today many black youth want to emulate the entertainers who glorify the ugliness in our communities. The black youth, men and woman are all suspects. Because of the their attire, they wear their pants hanging off their ass, they wear their hats backwards. They are loud and don’t always use proper grammar. We call each other derogatory names. We are stereotyped as ignorant and this is what white society in a whole sees. And  it’s acceptable. Black people are stopped without cause by the modern-day overseers, the legal KKK’s that we call the police. It’s politically incorrect to call black people niggers so they resorted to calling us ‘thugs’. When we should be called suspects.  The police have taken it upon themselves to be judge, jury and executioner when a black person is arrested.  I’m not saying it exclusive that only black people are abused by the police because it happens to white people too.  Usually if a white person is stopped they are asked questions first then taken into custody.   However the police have been trained and see black people as a threat.  So they subdue blacks first then ask questions. Not every black person being arrested is resisting. Nor is every black person guilty of a crime. Not every black person standing on the corner is selling drugs or using drugs.  We deserve respect, the benefit, of the doubt to be treated equally under the law of the land.



Should I assume when I see a white kid with multi-color hair, tattoo’s all over their face and body along with unappealing piercings that they are Satan worshipers or sadistic vigilantes.  It’s okay for white children to express themselves but not black children.  Again our children are stereo typed.
By law, regardless of our arrest history, we are presumed innocent until otherwise proven guilty. But the courts and the public seem to find it justifiable to mistreat some people, mainly black people with limited or no respect because we are deemed suspect by the virtue of heritage. But that’s not the how we are treated. We are guilty and must prove ourselves innocent if we don’t get killed before we face a jury of our peers. People of all nationalities are targets of this brutality. All nationalities loot and riot.  But it’s the black people who are highlighted by the media . It is also assumed that all black people are engaging in these acts. We make the most noise because we have been the target of attack since we were discovered on the Ivory Coast.  We all don’t loot and riot.



The following video shows the double standards of how white vs. blacks are treated when confronted by the police.



In Waco a group of bikers got into a ‘brawl’ two hundred prominently white bikers. The police fired upon them killing nine and wounding eighteen. The fourteen police were placed on administrative leave. My peeve with this is the word brawl. It seems when grown white men get rowdy and cause undue havoc it’s a brawl. When young black people get rowdy and cause undue havoc it’s a riot. A white friend said, “Rioting is generally an uprising against authority. These bikers just wanted a piece of each other.”



So I looked up  each word  and according to Merriam-Webster

the full definition of
1 a : profligate behavior : debauchery
b : unrestrained revelry
c : noise, uproar, or disturbance made by revelers
2 a : public violence, tumult, or disorder
b : a violent public disorder; specifically : a tumultuous disturbance of the public peace by three or more persons assembled together and acting with a common intent
3: a random or disorderly profusion <the woods were a riot of color>
4 : one that is wildly amusing <the new comedy is a riot> According to



intransitive verb
1: to quarrel or fight noisily : wrangle
2: to make a loud confused noise
According to the definitions I would say what happen in Waco was a riot. It wasn’t a minor quarrel or fight. People were killed and hurt. This is a sample of the disparity between how white people and black people are treated and viewed differently.

But we all see what we were taught to see. We learned that skin color, language even body shapes, beliefs and ways of thinking makes us different. And it does because we are more a like than different.  What if we were all blind?




At a Huck Fin Restaurant in New Orleans one of the cashier gave the customer a receipt with “nigger discount” on it. Most of the comments I’ve read are  people who think this woman is over reacting  her disgust to sue for damages. The video of her interview was removed, all I could find was this blog post.  I know what she feels because that is exactly what I felt after reading this blog post a few days ago titled  Disturbing Video: White Man Knocked Out, Then Savagely Beaten Some More By Group of Apes. Again this video was removed but the disgusting story and comments that follow will provide proof that racism is alive and well in the world not just the United States.  It was this blog post that set me on fire to write this essays. I am outraged that the world still harbors these true racist pigs.

Some Day  will conclude tomorrow.

Voice your opinion on this I’m sure you have one.  This is an open thread.

15 thoughts on “That We Will Over Come

  1. You’ve hit powerfully on all the issues, Kimmy. Truly I have nothing much to say. I’m still pondering deeply over your words and I’m frightened for humanity.

  2. Racism is alive & brewing throughout the world. And – each time we deny it – the worse it gets. And – it’s not just racism – it’s just the simple fact of being different. Even with our own races – we find something we don’t like & hate on it. How can we expect the rest of the world to respect & understand us – if we can’t respect & understand ourselves?
    #KeepingtheFaith #Hope

  3. Racism is not dead. We can only hope for a future with acceptance of color, faith and gender choice. Yet for every nasty bit in the news about any intolerance one must remember that there are more unreported acts of kindness.

    One faith I know has sort of a kindness meter if you will. With out of ten one opposite end is the one who gives generously but wants recognition, like their name in five foot letters tacked on to the building they helped repair. But the best kindness is the help one give anonymously. The kind of help one does when they help someone who is struggling get back on their feet – seeking no recognition, done possibly through some one or something else. Like when you donate to that jar on the cafe counter that says our local child was in an accident please help the parents pay the hospital bills.

    While there is much talk of color, one needs to also look at faith discrimination. I come from and interfaith family and there are some locations I will not visit because even today there is such a strong misconceptions and evil connotations associated with and aimed at some of my family members choices.

    We all need to be an educated peoples – meaning we must not let one person or leader interpret the very words that guide us. We need to overcome our ignorance and read the fine print of our all faiths which for the most part do promote peace. It is the few leaders who single out a few words to their advantage to blind the masses into being herded.

    Governments can be like that too. Read the fine print, get out and vote, and if you don’t like what you see, get involved. As well as volunteer to be the good example you would like others to learn from.

    Blessings of peace always…

    1. Well said Jules we are definitely on the same page. We are more alike then not. And yes I believe God or whom ever you call the powers that be is about love. Watch the animals in nature they rub and take care of each other. They kill only to feed. We waste and destroy not only each other but the world.

  4. We glorify the military, and militarized police. Our entertainment wallows in murders, killings, and mayhem. We proudly support and vote for partisan politicians. We are not willing to help others, are focused on ourselves and our social media, fear our neighbors, and lock ourselves inside at night. We stand at the altar of violence and worship guns. Prison is the answer for everything. Education is the fist expense to be cut, but that’s ok, because parents take no responsibility for their kids education. Little Johnnie’s self esteem is so much more important.

    And then we wonder why we are surrounded by mistrust and hate? for all those looking for who’s responsible? Look no further than a mirror.

  5. History lesson up in here!

    The more things change, the more they stay the same.

    Yet, I sincerely believe that the few will not go gently into that good night, and the many are rage, raging, against the dying of the light.

    Change can be a real muthaf*cka, for some.

    But CHANGE is here, and we’re not going back.

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