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Is that someday today? Can we learn from the victim, of the first video that went viral of a police beat down? Rodney King asked. “Can we get along?
I’ll never forget or stop quoting those words. Humbly they get to the root of the problem. None of us really try to get along. None of us! We waste so much time bickering over everything race, police brutality, food, climate change, the earth, nature and on and on. Maybe if we stop focusing on our differences and put all that energy into embracing what connects us someday could be today.



There are people of all nationalities and heritages suffering from diseases that are incurable. People who are losing love ones to violence and war. Some who are homeless, hungry and alone. If we can relate, we understand. If we can understand then we can have compassion and love for all humanity. If we can tear down the barriers that prevent us from seeing each other than just maybe someday will be today.



Lets be quiet and listen. Hear the birds sing, the frogs croak, crickets chirp. Hear the rustling of the trees and bushes blowing in the wind. Smell the honey suckle, lilacs and roses. See the sunrise in the morning and sunset in the evening. Wish upon a star and gaze longingly at the mighty moon and maybe someday will be today.



Hear the rain drops tapping on the window, the thunder rumble and roar as lightning crashes, sizzle and light the world. Feel the earthquake, see twisters carry all we know away. Realize how small we are, how limited our power is against nature. Yet lets realize humanity is here to help each other stand after we fall. Do this and lets make someday today.
From birth to death is a short journey. We all have a purpose, a reason for being lets focus on the good we can do. Enjoy life and all the treasures it has to offer and not sweat the small things that don’t matter and stop wasting time hating, hurting and killing. Then maybe someday will be today.



Lets look inside our hearts and feel the spirit that lives there. That fuels our hopes and dreams. If we allow the Master of our destination guide us and show us the way out of the darkness and into the light then just maybe someday will be today.



There is a place in this world for all of us.  So lets make someday today.
The following video is from the 70’s. There was a Coke-a-Cola commercial that played often. It can be seen after the video plays. I think these words are still relevant today.



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