I’m Not a Call Girl

The following is an expert from Chapter Two of Hidden Temptation by Kimberly Wilhelmina Floria January 25, 2015 ©Library of Congress1-2085948171




“Why don’t you go to your parent, teacher thing and come back?”


Oscar yells from the bathroom, “Won’t work, I promised to take Marsha out for dinner after.” He turns the water on and begins washing. He always brings a fresh bar of caress soap and Hugo Boss cologne to cover Odette’s scent.


“So you booked this room for the whole night for forty-five minutes of bumping?”


He steps out the bathroom with a towel wrapped around his waist. He walks over to the bed where Odette is propped up on pillows drinking vodka and tonic. He bends down and kisses her between the legs. He moves up and kisses her on the belly then her breast. He looks up at her and smiles. “Waste of fucking money.” She says as he plants a kiss on her lips then pulls himself up.



“Not at all, it’s worth every hot penny,” he says and gives her a wink. “If you like you can stay here, order some room service, a movie, take a bubble bath, or go down to the pool. Stay the night enjoy yourself, okay.” He pulls up his boxers, walks over to his clothes on the chair and finishes dressing.



“It won’t be any fun, but I’ll manage.” Odette already scheming, a nice meal, she’ll order some Belvedere. Maybe find someone else to spend the night with her. It shouldn’t be too bad. The bathroom has a huge bathtub with pulsating jets. Hell she might even request a room massage, she remembers seeing that on the hotel directory. She already decided this will be the last time she sees Oscar, he’s totally cut off after treating her like a call girl tonight. What the hell she’ll make the night worth her wild.

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