Stroking the Feeling

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it’s good to feel good
even when you sense
the world has open its mouth
and is trying to swallow you whole.

©Kimberly Wilhelmina Floria 5/31/15

14 thoughts on “Stroking the Feeling

  1. Sometimes you’ve got to be the feather in the whales mouth…
    create the sneeze that will create the breeze and be free, happy and hope filled!

  2. I hope the Feel Good Factor keeps you feeling good Kim.. Lovely entry.. Mirror work is to be recommended 🙂 I do it now all the time.. its all part of ‘Healing our Inner selves ‘ Love and Blessings.. take care Kim.. Hugs Sue

    1. I agree. My ex use to say feelings come and go and it is so true. I work at trying to feel good even when I’m not. I go to the bathroom and while I wash my hands I smile at myself in the mirror. Years ago I would of thought that vain but today it keeps me sane. 🙂

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