Tough Love

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his face dark beyond years
a dirty matted beard
nervous eyes wide and roaming
the corner of his lips foaming
reflections of him when he was younger
her tears mirror his cries of hunger

living on the dangerous streets
on cold, hard, wet cement
is where he lays his weary head
penance for life he lived, she’s said
using drugs obtained by theft
sentenced from all he had left

pain melts her strength in part
over working her trembling heart
riddled by a her shameful guilt
evidence of the failure she built
her love was not enough
or maybe it was too much

cuddling the boy, crippled the man
wandering through life with no plan
he’s on vacation courtesy of the state
relief, at least until his next court date

he heard all the reasons and sermons preached
she hopes against hope the bottom been reached
and he climbs with passion and determination
to elevate his heart, soul and his life’s situation

©Kimberly Wilhelmina Floria 6/3/15

20 thoughts on “Tough Love

  1. Parents either do their best or not enough. And are blamed for everything in between.
    Sometimes you have to call a horse a donkey. And sometimes the offer of water, just isn’t enough.

  2. Thank you for walking your talk. (Not that that is anything new with you, of course. 🙂 ) May your words blossom and the sweet scent inspire all who read them.

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