Not Just an Excuse


Excuses, Excuses, Excuses



Do you feel like I was teasing you? Sharing a thought or two, a rant on racism and a poem then gone again. That wasn’t my intention. Maybe it was to promote and sell Pages of Pain. In part many of you expressed an interest in a book of my poetry. By the sales it wasn’t that many or it was just the nice thing to say.

The truth of the matter I missed my fellow blogging friends dare I say family. When I read your blogs I get inspired, I am able to glimpse into your lives. It’s an open window for me reach out from my solitary world. It’s a world where I spend most of my time alone with my thoughts hidden behind closed doors shut away alone. No pity necessary, I’m quite happy in my solitude most of the time.

It is taking me a little time to recover from my lupus flare. Doc had me on 48 mg of steroids I taper down this week to 24 mg. I’m having headaches again and a little joint pain. But for someone with a high threshold for pain it ain’t anything

This past Saturday I started putting my poems in categories. Big job as some of my poems they have no category. Of course reading them I have to edit. You guys should know that better than anyone. Eventually I will make them available for sale. Hopefully before the summer is over I will have a large collection of my poems available for sale. I would love for it to take off and make me enough money to help me buy the increasing cost of my medication. Wishful thinking! But in reality I would like to have anthology of my work to share with my grandchildren someday. Who knows I may become famous after I’m dead. That would be a wonderful legacy to leave them.

To prove how well I’m on the mend on Sunday I went shopping with my daughter and g-son to get a suit for his graduation this coming Wednesday. I was on my feet all day. When I got home I was drained. Monday I worked making two graduation cards and a baby shower card. I decided to make one more thank you for the guidance councilor that helped g-son.


Kyleek Gradkyleek grad 2
Tuesday I went grocery shopping. I was on my feet and walking around lifting heavy shit. Then I had to put the stuff away when I got home.

Yesterday I made a bowl of potato salad. This consisted of peeling, cutting and boiling potatoes. Then boiling eggs and cutting them up. I had to finely chop celery, onion, and green peppers to mix with the eggs and potatoes. I did this and I wasn’t tired when I finished. That felt good.

The weather man predicted that today is going to be in the 90’s and humid. Also it’s going to be an air quality action day which means I might be using oxygen today. Since it will be hot I took out my summer clothes. That meant packing away my winter clothes. A big job but it didn’t knock me out.

My hair is half way down my back and thick. Washing it takes a lot of work. The last time I washed it, it was probably three months ago. It usually doesn’t smell but yesterday  it had a little funk so I washed it. The length and thickness of my hair makes combing it out a nightmare. Lupus has a tendency to cause your hair to fall out. Being that my hair is currently long and thick I didn’t notice it thinning while my lupus was acting up thus making my hair easier to comb and blow dry.
So I’ve been busy and it’s not over Saturday is the baby shower. My oldest daughter is going to meet me to go to Wal-Mart to buy a gift. Then my sister-in-law will pick us up from there and off to the baby shower.

I still need to get to the post office to mail some packages. But I’m not complaining because three weeks ago I couldn’t have done any of this. I just want you guys to know why I stopped reading your blogs for the moment. In addition to all of this I have doctors to see in between.
I just got a call and guess where I’m going? To the beach!! Woo hoo!!!  I must remember the sunscreen.




I’ll be back to reading your blogs soon. I’m taking advantage of feeling pretty good these days.

19 thoughts on “Not Just an Excuse

  1. So happy when you share your good days. And – I like to see when you are happy & doing well. I wish for you more better days.

  2. Ow, so happy you are feeling so good and able to have energy for all these hectic activities. Yes, you must leave something for the grand kids and what better than books and written by their Nana. 🙂

    God is great, Kimmy. And you are gonna stay with us for more wonderful years my dear. 🙂

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