Seeds of Hope, Poetry by Kimberly Floria

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Genre: Political, Society, Life

Seeds of Hope
by Kimberly Floria

in this universal sandbox
of nations
evil is planted
fed and preserved
and continually watered
with the blood
of living souls

the weeds of hate
has taken over the gardens
of purity
the air permeates
with the foul scent
of decomposing love
contaminating the pure at heart
and nullifying the innocent
that are humble and guiltless

children are solicited to fight
for the rulers who seek domination
mothers mourn
fathers revolt
what benefits shall we reap
as hate flows rampant in our streets

the weeds choke
and justify
human rights
they kill
to protect and serve
they kill
for peace
they kill

What illogical reasoning
pardons murder
eye for an eye
and the blind leads the blind
straight to hell
with this oxymoron thinking

prayers of love and hope
once powerful and strong
fertilized and sprouted peace

sound loud these…

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