Flying My Flag of Hope

I put the above picture on my FB page. Like me, most people I thought the last line was funny.

Then I received the following response:

“This [sic] colors in the bible show us like “colors of the rainbow and it is not mentioned to persons bringing [sic] the same sex.

So I asked, doesn’t the same Bible say:

Matthew 7:1-2 (KJV)

7 Judge not, that ye be not judged.

2 For with what judgment ye judge, ye shall be judged: and with what measure ye mete, it shall be measured to you again.


Everyone is an authority on what they believe is right and has the privilege to praise or condemn what they consider acceptable or unacceptable. This is the freedom we are afforded in the Unites States of America. Our soils are stained with the blood of our ancestors who fought for that right.


So raise and fly the confederate flag, raise and fly the rainbow flag. Respect each group’s right to do so. You don’t have to agree. If it offends you turn your head. As long as the flags are blowing in the wind and it’s not fist and bullets flying no harm should come. You can’t change people so stop trying. It’s a waste of energy.

different colors

We have free will to say and do as we please. I am not naive to think my thoughts, feelings or beliefs will go unchallenged. Everyone has  an opinion and they have the freedom to express it. There  shouldn’t be any repercussions for those who display their ideology. However they are subjected to their names being slandered all over the news and social media. They can lose their jobs and sadly if someone doesn’t agree with your words, behavior, the color of your skin, nationality or religious beliefs some people believe it’s their duty to teach them a lesson or eliminate them violently.

This is the virus that is spreading across this land and has infected us for centuries. Someone always finds someone different to judge and a reason to eliminate or suppress them. Are people’s lives so shallow and boring that they need to go into our people’s lives and fix what they think is broken? Do people really believe if they fix someone else’s life their life and the life of their children will be better? Really? I think they will just find another cause to fill their sorry lives.

I saw this on FB too. I’ve watched this video several times and each time my heart just melts.  We can learn from the innocence.

Just because you don’t understand someone’s behavior, beliefs or culture does not make them wrong. Nor does it make you right and gives you permission to pass judgment. We all have the right to live our lives the way we see fit. It is not anyone’s business but their own unless it brings harm to someone else. Personally myself, I can only manage the goings on in my life. I have no time to worry about yours. Besides I can only answer for my behavior. When I stand before my judge to answer for the life I lived I can only answer for my actions. What about you?

After all the negative that I had to cut through to acquire the understanding I have today, I hope when it’s time to account for my life, the world will see that I loved everyone, helped those I could and judge none.


How about a flag that looks something like this?  I call it my flag of hope.FLAG OF HOPE

24 thoughts on “Flying My Flag of Hope

  1. As a school teacher charged with giving grades and evaluating learners, I found I had to judge people constantly. I decided early on, though, it wasn’t a good idea to judge them on the basis of “What is wrong with you and how can I fix it?” Rather I always tried to judge others on the basis of “What good things do you bring to the table, and how can I encourage and promote those things?” Thank you for encouraging and promoting these very empathetic ideas.

  2. Why I agree with you, Kim, to be honest I must confess that I have little ability to look upon those who are without bao* or even disdain it. (While I recommend “Fish Tails”, it is best to read “The Waters Rising” first as FT is a direct sequel.)


  3. Kimmy, you could say my views on this issue are ambivalent. Yes, I am a Christian, Kimmy, a Bible believing one who strives to live a Christ-life life as much as possible. I do not support gay marriages for that matter. I cannot even begin to understand the whole thing. But for me, as much as Christ endorses us to love another, I do not hate the gay or people with alternate live styles. I have a few friends who are gay. But the issue of same sex marriage is another thing. I do not endorse it. It’s also a cultural thing with us in Africa though we have lots of gays even here in Ghana.

    That said, I agree with you that each and everyone to his own life choices and how he chooses to live.

    Yes the Bible says we should not judge. And same Bible talks against same sex relationships. We choose to take what serves our interests and enhances our faith and belief for a life worth living on earth until we meet the Savior. 🙂

    1. Wow! I think this is the most you ever commented on my blog. :-). You’re right it’s really not our business it will be up to their maker. I support the freedom of choice.

  4. Great post Kim. I am hoping that we will follow suit soon but the conservatives who see society crumbling if we do allow same sex marriage need to be convinced. The best quote I heard about marriage equality came from Whoopie Goldberg who once said if marriage equality bothered you don’t marry a gay person.

  5. I commented on a status & the person noticed my rainbow profile pic & sent me an inbox message – asking me if I supported gay marriage. I was like – I support marriage equality. And – then the bible quotes began. Well – dude – not everyone has the same beliefs as you. And – not everyone (mis)interprets the bible the way that you do. I wanted to really go off on that person. But – I chose to stay me & not be knocked down to his level. Poor guy – has a lot to learn still.

  6. Very well said, Kim. I never understood why people think it is necessary to pass judgement on other people. Differences should be praised, not condemned. No one is perfect, thank goodness, but a little understanding and kindness goes much further than hate and prejudice.

  7. Sadly, we live in a society in which many people believe they deserve to be heard. When this happens, cacophony to the point of chaos emerges and no one wins. I fear there is no situation in which we can convince people to listen… it’s a society of entitlement. Until we can all understand that no one is more important than anyone else, nothing will change.

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