Healing Textile

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Not only does our country but the world needs mending. Everyone has issues with everything. We either have the wrong skin color or practice the wrong religion. We didn’t study higher education and get letters behind our names. We live in a neighborhood that offers affordable housing. He made his first million before he was twenty-five. She has a big behind and a pretty face. He has a hell-a-va jump shot. These are the things that put us in different categories. We judge each other without knowing each other. Nor do we even try to get to know each other.


Metaphorical sarcasm: I don’t know about their life style so I hate them because I envy them. My envy and hate is the barrier that is keeping me from feeling the happiness bubbling inside of me.
You know I think that gay marriage being allowed in the law of the land is going to be the thread that heals this world. Check this out. A black man marries a white man and they adopt an African child and an oriental child. This family unit shares a love that is unique and challenging. This family overcomes the stares, the verbal abuse and bigotry and have an ironclad relationship that becomes stronger year after year. If we end up with a couple of million families like this may we might just see the world  begin to mend.


I think we just need to stop fearing what we don’t know and learn to embrace our differences. Lets plant the seeds of hope and love and grow a garden of peace.


6 thoughts on “Healing Textile

  1. I love the photo of all the colors. It looks like my sewing room. Textiles are dear to my heart. I love the differences. We will probably never have world peace. The peace has to start in your own heart. It’s the only thing that will bring you peace of mind. I send love everywhere I see conflict. I’ve learned not to envy. That took a while too. But I have everything I need and most of what I want. I wish you the same peace in your heart. Stop watching the news. You can’t fix it. You can fix your own heart.

  2. Well said, Kim! Let’s keep praying that Love can overcome hate and violence. It all stems back to World Peace, doesn’t it?
    By the way, your book arrived and I love the cover! Can’t wait to begin the reading journey. But I wanted you to know that I’m taking another break from fb. There are other things at home I’m working on and fb tends to be a bit distracting (in a good way). I’m still active on my page though but I’m writing you here for this reason. Take care and sending hugs!

    1. I understand. I work and peek on fb all day long. If I stayed off I would get a lot more accomplished. I will be away for the holiday. My sister and her husband are picking me up Thursday not sure if I will be on line much. Glad you got your copy enjoy. I hope. Did you start school yet?

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