Churches Burning


A total of seven churches have burned in the past the two weeks. The last is being blamed on natural causes. These incidents were kept quiet. That was an amazing accomplishment in this age of information. I saw a photo on FB expressing this. I started reading the comments but stopped after reading the first one. It was very loud.



Before I share it, Let me tell you, I have a white friend with whom I bump heads with over most race topics. So far our relationship has withstood the test. That being said the comment was, “they are trying to divide us.” I don’t know who they are but that statement explains a lot. It may sound like paranoia but we as a country are divided with conflicting emotions about this festering boil on American history. We can’t come to an understanding regarding race relations. There is too much anger and distrust. Some of us are blind or refuse to see the disparity in the treatment of people of color. Some of us can’t see beyond the hate to find a tangible solution. But one thing for sure these incidents of biases police brutality needs to stop. The justice system is broken, unbalanced and needs to be fixed. Acts of hate are called terrorist acts. Peaceful demonstrations turn to riots. Children parting in the wrong neighborhood are brutalized.



In an experiment a white man carrying an Assault Rifle (AR-15) over his shoulder is stopped by the police. He is asked politely asked why he’s carrying a gun. A black man carrying the same gun, in the same way, in the same area isn’t asked he is demanded at gun point to get on the ground.



A young black person is deemed guilty by virtue of the color of their skin. Dick Wolf the producer of Law and Order addressed these issues honestly for twenty years and nothing has changed in society. If we don’t all open our eyes we will be a country divided the rich vs. the poor, the republicans vs. the democratic, black vs. white, man vs. woman, cities vs. cities, states vs. states and neighborhoods vs. neighborhoods. It’s not a future I want for my grandchildren. It’s not a future I want for America, the only country and home I know. If we close our eyes to our differences and open them to our similarities we may be able to lance that infectious boil on the ass of humanity.



So while you’re eating a bar-b-que burger and hot dog celebrating America’s independence from Great Britain this weekend. Think about the Africans that were stolen, bought and sold into slavery. That were brutalized and kept ignorant with fear. Think about the America that became rich from their blood, sweat and tears of black people. We need healing on both sides and the healing needs to begin now before we become a country divided.  By the way the natives of the land were corralled and enclosed on reservations while white America was claiming their independence.

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  1. I just published post that was in part inspired by yours. I hope it meets with your approval….

      1. Thank for your post – very glad that you found mine to be of value. That is a provocative thought, that music may be the key – there must be a way to use it to raise greater awareness and greater acceptance.

  2. You and I are very much on the same page. As a white man, I pretty much can go anywhere I want, while a Black man, even in his Sunday best, does not have that liberty. We need to shine a spotlight on bigotry and hate speech. I have written several recent posts along these lines, one of which provides the lyrics to “Strange Fruit” by Billie Holiday which I want to stick in people’s mind about why we can never forget and not let it happen again on our soil. Great post.

    1. We need to have open and honest dialogue. But we take words to heart and get angry and lash out instead of hearing each other. I will eventually get over to read your blog. I’m on my phone and my eyes are straining my eyes.

  3. Not sure unity on the horizon. Right now the presidential candidates play identity politics. This is making people conscience of their racial, economic and religious and gender and to vote for or against the people based on those things not the real issues. Nixon said divide the nation and get the 51% part as strategy. Seems today’s mantra is to divide the nation into many subsets and make sure they add up to 51%.

  4. Wow – There’s been nothing on the news in the UK about this. Thank you for getting the news out. I get so tired of governments peddling propaganda and disinformation. It is down to us writers, photographers and poets to spread the word. It’s all so depressing and tiring xxx

    1. We say we long to leave Samsara’s game;
      Why is it then that we remain attached?
      Each thing we fear seems by another matched
      That keeps us circling, moths about a flame.
      In seeking praise, we run the risk of blame;
      Our gain becomes a loss if from us snatched;
      And from the want of pleasure pain is hatched,
      While envy soon breeds slander out of fame.
      If we think well on this we need not be
      Impaled upon the horns of hopes and fears,
      Aversions and desires, joys and tears;
      By leaving craving and dislike behind,
      And by this means alone, a man may find
      Immeasurable Equanimity.

      (From “The Four Immeasurables” – )

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