Compassion and Love

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We don’t have to agree with each other yet we should respect each other and learn to listen to each other and hear with the other has to says. When we listen and hear we begin to see the world differently. We feel the joys and pains of each other and learn to empathize. We find that common ground that makes us one.


Our pride prevents us to admit that we don’t know something and worst admitting that we were wrong. I think we need to grow up and let those childish thoughts go. So many of us have closed our eyes to what is different from what we believe and see. This selective vision keeps a wall of difference between us. A barrier we are afraid to take a bull dozer to.

I just meditate universally with Deepka Chopra to awaken compassion in ourselves and the world. This was a wonderful meditation because this world we live in needs compassion and love. We are all competing for money, fame and power and step on and over each other in the pursuit. This creates stress, anxiety and chronic health issues that keep us focusing on our own plight instead of the well-being of the planet.

We have war, fires, droughts, hunger and diseases from contaminated food plaguing the world. But these issues aren’t important because greed and power fuels the hearts of man.

We don’t realize that we are one heart beating in this vast universe of life. Every breathe we take is a sigh in humanity. Every flower blooming is an aromatic gift; every rain drop is a sip for the thirsty. Every shining sun warms a soul. Every smile, gentle touch every helping hand is a taste of humanity showing love and compassion which we, each and every soul on earth is hungering for.


So we don’t have to agree but let us at least try to understand and have empathy for our human family regardless of our differences.


18 thoughts on “Compassion and Love

  1. First timer here. I think your first two paragraphs speak volumes. We have too many talking passed each other, that we may miss the common ground to build from.

      1. As a young man I was for a time a lay minister but I outgrew that particular religion (Methodist) and resigned, not wishing to disturb those who were quite contented and comfortable where they were. Peace upon them.

  2. A lesson I taught my sons when they were small and now attempt to teach to my grandchildren. We do not have to love everything, just show respect.
    A valuable lesson for all.

    1. Yes. My oldest grandson and I were walking to the store. He gave a small tree a karate kick. I asked him what did that tree do to you. He said nothing. So whybdid you kick it I asked. Of course he had no answer. I hope that to this day he treats nature with respect. I try to instill that compassion to them also.

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