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A while back I submitted Seeds of Hope   to Wild Sound Festival Review. They promised to steer a lot of traffic to my poem. Well . . . I also paid to have an actor read my poem. Well . . you decide.


18 thoughts on “Poetry Reading

  1. I have yet to find anyone who can perform any of my work to my satisfaction. But then it is extremely rare that I am happy with my own performance.

  2. Dearest Kim.. WOW… your poem read here was powerful.. And I read it just at the right time as I am about to write a post.. May I link your poem to it dear Kim… for it will add another powerful message to my posts content.. ( I have yet to write ) but I know I am being guided as Synchronisity brought me here just at the right moment..

    Love to you Kim.. what do I think?? Wonderful. xxx
    Love Sue ❤

      1. It may be a few days yet. LOL.. I still have this idea in my head after being challenges with a post.. So I will give you a nudge.. Which version would you like me to link to, the video or your written one.. as I know you were not too pleased with the actors passion.. But the words are stunning Kim.. and thought provoking.. I can link to either one you prefer xxx

        1. Totally up to you. I know what you’re saying about working the idea in your head. Right now that’s seems to be the only writing I’m doing. All the best with yours. ❤

  3. I can tell that they are your words Kim, but…it’s not your ‘voice’. You have such passion and conviction in your voice when you read your own words, you have the heart and soul as Carl said. An actor doesn’t. It’s a great poem, but I think you would have read it better.

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