Love Verses Hate.

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Isn’t it strange how Synchronicity works?. But then when you get to see how this Universe really works, its not so strange at all..

I was drawn to take up the gauntlet of another challenge  over at The moment my mind decided to do so, as I caught up with some of my blogging community I was not surprised to see the trail of Synchronicity at work to help me put a post together.

Now firstly I rarely say the word Hate.. I prefer to say ‘Dislike’. Hate to me has a far deeper meaning. There are many things in this world I ‘Dis-like’. Tyranny, Abuse, Exploitation, War, Racism, and the list can go on and on. Hate on the other hand holds for me a different kind of energy.

We all know there are lots of Bad things happening in the world,because we are constantly told about…

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7 thoughts on “Love Verses Hate.

  1. This resonates. When I hear the phrase someone hates another, I ask “really, that is a strong emotion?” I reserve hate to the beyond extremists, we do hateful acts to another group because of their race, ethnicity, religion or sexual preference.

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