Class Warfare


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ugliness rips through the silence
disturbing the tranquility of nature
whispering in the ear of stillness
to wake the peace that starves for love

chaos turbulence venom
spreads like a virus
infecting the illusion of grace
lost in the words of lies
lost in memory of humanity
hate is revealed under the disguise
falsehood floats freely through the universe
for the blind that sees not the truth
and swallows the serpents poison
the gospel is buried in the passages of time
leaving only words  tithes are paid to hear
as you hunger spiritual healing
you are tricked into passing judgment

in the garden of destruction
you are easily lead a stray
following a trail of sweet lies
seeking the path back home
in the bosom of false security
so as you roam the dark
I search the light
we hope to met at dusk
to find the balance that once breathed

©Kimberly Wilhelmina Floria 7/20/15

I went to sleep with heavy thoughts on my mind. Visions of the Klu Klux Klan with their hands raised with Hitler’s salute of hate. The New Black Panthers raising their fist in the sign of black power. It’s an old war that should have lost its vigor many years ago. The embers were once sizzling out but we all keep stroking that fire and it’s raging out of control.

The second thing on my mind was that some people believe that it’s President Obama fault that racism is so viable today. A fact that can’t be disputed, racism has been around since the first slave ships left the ports of Africa. Racism may not have been visible today to some folks but to others it has always been a daily reality.

Maybe President Obama is at fault. If he hadn’t become the first black president the racist behavior that’s so openly displayed may have stayed behind closed doors.



One comment was that our president had the means to change the tone of racism. How could he? When before he was elected to office he was degraded and disrespected. He has been object of racism for the past seven years. He didn’t set the tone it was set by rich white men who value money over humanity. They are the ones who spew this hate and division. Only some people are too blind to see that the war is not race against race but the rich against the poor. You can’t change the darkness that lurks in the heart of some people.  President Obama is a man not the messiah he can’t change what’s in the hearts of man.

No matter what your spiritual belief is you must learn to see through your own eyes and not be influenced by the mischief makers. We need to learn to love not hate, accept not judge. We need to learn compassion and understanding and how to see with our hearts.

24 thoughts on “Class Warfare

  1. Hate isn’t about color or sex or nationality or religion. It’s bout broken people, and sadly there are too many on this gorgeous planet of ours. may you and I and all our friends be the change. So much love to you my friend.

  2. I think having President Obama as our nation’s representative speaks volumes. The hate that exists is still out there loud & clear though. I hope that breed dies off sooner than later. For crying out -loud – we are a melting-pot nation & the more time that passes – the more our pot is diversified.

  3. The ones in power are either loved or hated. Perhaps those with money have some influence, but for those in the United States the vote (which can be laughable at times) still does matter. So even though I do not like politics I believe one needs to stay educated in order to not be swayed. And remember to vote.

    Slavery existed from the birth of mankind when one man didn’t want to get his hands dirty and gave the job to another human. It has been around longer than just the slave ships of Africa. Native Peoples of every continent and country have been enslaved, tricked and molded the weaker of their own or different neighboring groups. Think of the Aztecs and human sacrifice. Think of those groups of peoples used to build the wonders of the world for just one king who believed he was a god.

    Prejudice will continue to exist as long as children are taught to disrespect, disregard and dislike differences. And hate groups on either side of the fence will continue to rear their ugly heads under the guise of freedom of speech. Tolerance cannot be demanded otherwise we would all be controlled by and watched by ‘Big Brother’ – there needs to be some middle ground.

    Some grass roots change in laws are needed that both respect difference, but allow someone to ‘beg-off’ as it were, to retreat into their hidey-holes of misconceptions without physically hurting anyone. If say a baker doesn’t want to bake you a cake or serve you – then go to one who will but don’t cry mental anguish. Tell your friends you were disappointed but it isn’t necessary to sue the baker or run them out of business. I don’t think that is right either.

    Take the laws regarding smoking as an example. We all agree that smoking is bad, bad for the smoker, bad for those around the smoker – so we ban where someone can smoke. But why do we still have cigarettes at all? I fear there is a political reason for that – and money. But what I don’t get is that some Amish farmers who don’t smoke and don’t believe in smoking still grow tobacco. Why? Because it is a good cash crop. Or take Prohibition – Drinking in excess isn’t good either. But Prohibition didn’t work because there will be a Black Market for everything. Once again I believe that education is the key,

    And as long as the census asks questions that divide us as a nation we will continue to be separated. As long as statistics are kept to record the first this or that of this race or that instead of just saying the best person won. We will continue to be divided. We need to start seeing all people as humans, from those who are young, old, differently-able and those who served our country to help us all be ‘free’. Then perhaps we will help to create a better world for future generations.

    1. Boy did you say a mouthful. Maybe more than my whole post. You’re right slavery has been around since the beginning of time. It is time that people start respecting each other and sharing love. We all need to stop and listen to each other and hear. Nobody hears what the other says. I just came in from doctor and my energy is low. I need to lay down. Hugs.

      1. Thanks for providing the ‘soap box’ to stand on. You could edit or delete as you see fit. I just think that folks who keep categorizing each other limit who the person is. Any president needs to be respected. Whether or not they are actually doing what they promised – once in office one needs to respect the ‘Leader’. And saying that one is at fault because of heritage is just a cop-out. Frankly I won’t vote for a woman just because I am one.

        Hugs to you, recoup and renew. There are sane people about.

  4. This is beautiful. There is a small percentage of people who of not like this president because he is Black. There is a slightly larger percentage who believe he is born outside of the US, one of whom is running for president and his mouth. I think what he has said and done the last few months is terrific but long overdue in speaking to our racism. We have a problem in this country and we need folks to talk about it and shine lights on bigotry. Good post.

    1. First thank you for reading and commenting. We do need to speak about racism honestly. It’s a delicate subject and we on both sides get hot headed. We don’t listen which is the biggest problem. We don’t trust each other and usually already decided the other will never understand. That’s the thing we need to try and get each other to understand. Not only how we feel but what we think they we feel. We and they interchangeable. But I do know we need to share love and become blind to race, culture and religion in order to have a chance to become united as one.

  5. Wonderful poem Kim and very heartfelt words of wisdom, they both have touched me. Wado Sister for inviting me to read them~! Much Love, Ne xXx

  6. Kim this is such a powerful piece of poetry and such wisdom in your words..
    Yes we must all learn to see through the lies.. and I whole heartedly agree with your last paragraph..

    “No matter what your spiritual belief is you must learn to see through your own eyes and not be influenced by the mischief makers. We need to learn to love not hate, accept not judge. We need to learn compassion and understanding and how to see with our hearts” Amen.

    1. Thank you Sue. The state of the world we are living in is frightening. There is so much ugliness that we can’t see the beauty and I hope my words will help one or two people learn to see.

  7. No one person can be credited with the level of hate surfacing now…it always comes to the surface in “hard times”….and it appears it has always been there.

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