My desktop which is Windows XP is obsolete. Until I can update my drivers or get a new desktop I will be communicating with my tablet (limited access to some blogs). Or with my laptop that is missing some operating systems. This means I should be getting some writing done.


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  1. Sorry about your old machine. We’ve recently had to update our servers at work as Server 2003 has now left us as well.
    In fact Windows XP is so old and insecure (the cryptography suites it supports can now be fairly easily hacked) that you’ll be better off once your new OS is up and running. And you can probably install Linux on your old machine as that’s not very resource-intensive (that’s what I did with my old laptop).

  2. I have the same thing with my work computer, if its yours though you could swap to Linux. It’s not that scary and I could help with it if you like πŸ™‚

  3. I’m hoping my upgrade goes smoothly tomorrow. Anyone with Windows 7 or Windows 8 gets a free upgrade to Windows 10 and that happens tomorrow.

    I hope yours gets sorted soonest

    1. Just because something is free doesn’t mean it is better.

      I don’t want Windows 10. They should be able to accommodate folks who don’t want to ‘Upity-upgrade’.
      Kicking and screaming until they tell me I must…

      If it ain’t broke don’t fix it. OK I know someone with more tech savvy sense will be happy.
      But can’t we all just be friends, even the slow poke turtles?

        1. The last? Hardly, really? How can it be? Tech doesn’t slow down, ever.
          I can just bet that some other Windows upgrade is already being worked on even if it doesn’t come out within six months or six years.

          ‘They’ have been trying to push it on current ‘Window’ users for months now. And I just have been ignoring it.
          I’m hoping that hubby is right that we don’t have to upgrade and that not doing so won’t come back and bit us in the rear.

            1. I suppose there are advantages to be connected to all of your stuff. But since I don’t have that much stuff… and really do I want that type of link that someone will be able to hack and know everything about me. OK granted I write with a nom-de-plume but this is just too ‘Big Brother’ is watching for me.

              I don’t even have a face-plant account. And I just don’t deal very well with G+ either.

              1. I call Facebook – faceplant… I know there are some benefits. But at the moment, not for me. And I don’t see the need for G+ either. I don’t need every post on every second of everyone’s life. I actually have one of my own. That I don’t need to make public.

              2. Oh google. I am slow at times. Especially at this time of day. I use a c-pap machine to sleep with. I got a new mask and tubing, the tube has a hole in it. They said they will deliver a new one late this evening. I would be in the shower at this time. But i have to sit up and wait.

              3. Be well. I think one of my sons… big heavy snorer… might be getting something like that… Not fun to have machinery that doesn’t work. MIL used to have to sleep with extra air too. But then she also needed it during the day.

              4. I had a wedge removed and emphysema is one of my lung issues. I hav pulmonary hypertension and they are monitoring scaring that may be associated with the lupus or they’re giving me a new diagnosis pulmonary fibrosis. I really did enjoy smoking but the punishment wasn’t worth it.

              5. No two the most if I was drinking. But the last months of my smoking I was down to half a pack. That’s where the weight came from stopped as soon as I got sick. Being on steroids and n8t smoking very bad combination.

      1. You have to opt in to take it. So if you didn’t opt in, you won’t get it. Even if you did, you have the choice as to whether to install it or not.

        1. I was just looking at some blurbs describing what a disaster the ‘New’ version is… But then any new program will have ‘kinks’. Just like when WP updates and thinks it is making thinks easier, when it really didn’t.

          We didn’t yet. and haven’t so hopefully we are still OK with what we have. Thanks, makes me feel a tad better.

  4. Don’tcha just love technology??? I use my tablet to read my blogs but I get frustrated with trying to do anything else. I hope you get everything updated soon! πŸ™‚

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