The Warriors

Google Image A New Path
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A New Path

trumpet sounds
unbolting the gates of heaven

radiating beckoning

a mighty force of angels

roll call
soldiers of peace
to lead the soldiers of justice
welding the swords and shields

of hope

adorned in the armor of love

gathered in position
marching mighty lands
smiles of defense
weapons of hugs, of comfort
of compassion

might is their resolve
warriors of humanity
hearts coated in understanding
marching through rivers of blood
through jungles of racism
over mountains of envy
deserts burning with hate

battles beginning with the tears of mothers
battles ending with innocent blood
flags of freedom, flags of hope
flag of hubris pride burning
and choking the lambs
that blindly follow the weary shepherd

the overseer in his lazy boy
puffing cheap cigars
eating steroid chicken
vegetables seasoned with pesticide

watching reality shows
popping pills to live

may cause heart disease
diarrhea and/or constipation
blue fingers, no erection
sterilization and even death

life insurance

policy premiums
the dead warriors are marching
to save humanity from humanity

©Kimberly Wilhelmina Floria 4/18/15

12 thoughts on “The Warriors

  1. Those are certainly some powerful images to reflect upon, Kimberly. For some reason, the four-line stanza that begins with “the overseer in his lazy boy” grabs me in particular. A draining image, brilliantly expressed.

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